by Michael Dorausch

This time of year it sure would be sweet having a chiropractic office in a place like Summerville or something smiley like that. I was poking around online and there it was, a Summerville in South Carolina, I did not even know such a place existed. Apparently this place has been a round for sometime. My apologies to those living in Summerville, looks beautiful.

For those of you as geographically challenged as me, check out an online map for more information on the town. I did a google map search and it looks like North Charleston is about 20 miles away. Lot’s of “villes” in the area. There is Brownsville, Lincolnville, Centerville, Stallsville, and Knightsville.

The only chiropractic thing I knew of in SC was Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic which is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Checked that on the map and it appears about 185 miles from Ridgeville (another neighboring town).

Now that I know there is a chiropractic college in the state there has to be a number of chiropractors practicing in South Carolina. Not much information appearing on the Chiropractors South Carolina page. If anyone has chiropractors to recommend in the area send us some information so they can get added to the list.

Enjoy your summer in Summerville!