By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A chiropractor in Little Ferry New Jersey sent me a brochure regarding some chiropractic management software. I’ve posted a few times that have been seeking out software that’s going to work for the types of chiropractic offices I’m familiar with.

This particular software was made by a company called Eclipse and the screenshots in the brochure made the package look like it was designed for Windows 95. I don’t know if the software is any good, but they certainly could’ve used some better formatting to not make the application look so archaic.

I ended up talking to quite a few chiropractors this past weekend about the software they’re using in their offices. With some packages ranging around $15,000, and none that have completely satisfy the needs of the over 20 chiropractors I spoke to, we decided to get together and talk to some folks about having a package designed based on the types of practices we have. I got volunteered to head up the project so I’m going to look into some open source possibilities and see what opportunities there are to develop a platform that will perform on Linux operating systems and Windows. I don’t know many chiropractor offices running ubuntu but we’ve gotta start somewhere.

I also received another invitation from a personal injury attorney to attend a conference of the Torrance Marriott. The event was complementary and included dinner and it’s actually a great way for attorneys to market their services to chiropractors. I receive more e-mails and phone calls from attorneys then I do from any other group. Almost all are seeking out chiropractors to see their clients and they’re performing local searches and discovering information about Planet Chiropractic.

If anyone has attorney offices in the United States they’d like to recommend you’re welcome to add their information in the comments or e-mail me so I can add their information to a database of law firms that handle personal injury cases.