By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s not like I’ve seen any decrease in spam showing up in my e-mail inbox (or the admin section for comments on this blog) but we’ve been taking a different approach with the topic lately and it’s actually gotten us some good feedback and attracted some links. Woo Hoo.

I wrote about niche industry e-mail spam a few weeks ago, and it turns out a number of other small-business industries are experiencing similar types of spam created by those working inside the niche. That article has a screenshot, but this post includes another, that I grabbed yesterday evening.

manipulation under anesthesia e-mail spamming

It’s not like I only got seven spam e-mails to the inbox, this was just what appeared at the top of the fold. We have some MUA (manipulation under anesthesia) spam from some American Academy of something or other. There is also spam from a chiropractic company trying to promote attracting more new patients with great insurance. I’ve requested removal for multiple Planet Chiropractic e-mail addresses being sent by that group but they continue to appear. Time to contact the ISP. Until the, their e-mails will get lumped in with the learning how to attain large measurements and how to clone oneself.

Turns out that one of the e-mails sent was not actually spam, it just got misdirected into the bulk e-mail box. Can you tell which one? I sometimes can’t on first glance, so on a good day I will scan through some of these e-mails (usually 300 to 600) and hopefully pull out the ones that aren’t spam. In most cases they are first-time contacts from people I haven’t received e-mail from in the past.

That’s my e-mail spam report for the day, hopefully there won’t be many more.