by Michael Dorausch

They played until almost 3am, the Texas Holdem Poker Tournament at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas was a big success.

There was lots of fun to be had, and search engine marketers from all over the planet came out to attend this first (I’m suspecting a 2008 event is likely) large scale poker tournament played by attendees of PubCon 2007.

The event began at 9pm and did not end until around 3am, with Dan Perry beating out Jeremy Shoemaker, for a winning pot of over $3000.00.

Klein and Dan Perry

That’s David Klein of PurposeInc with winner Dan Perry. David is a chiropractor who has written articles for Planet Chiropractic in the past.


Players pose for photos, including David Dellanave, Neil Patel, and friends.

poker tshirt

The t-shirts came out great and every player received one. Some hotel staff at the Venetian received shirts as well.

bill mike

Bill Hartzer of Texas with Michael Dorausch (that’s me) of Los Angeles, showing their cards.

There were over 80 players and the charity event was sponsored by Best of the Web, Planet Chiropractic, SEOish, and Chipotle.

A big thanks to everyone that participated to make this such a spectacular event!