By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I received a fax at my chiropractic office today with a headline that read Pain Management Manipulation under Anesthesia. There’s nothing unusual about the office receiving faxes, we get several a day. This one caught my attention than I thought it was pretty funny (you may think it’s pretty sad).

Some event is going on in Texas, regarding training for Manipulation under Anesthesia, also known as MUA. On the fax it states that “MUA is one of the most exciting chiropractic physical medicine procedures being performed today..” What in hojimeny is chiropractic physical medicine? Is this stuff being taught at colleges? I’ve heard of physical medicine, and I am familiar with the term chiropractic medicine, but I’d never heard the terms combined. I guess this is what you could call long tail use of words.

A sentence later in the fax says that MUA expands the primary role of the chiropractic physician in chronic pain management and physical medicine. I knew I’d be seeing that term somewhere. I’m wondering if what they really meant to say was a chiropractor can be making lots more money making believe they are a medical doctor, instead of practicing chiropractic.

Interesting that this is a 34 hour course, which is made up of 18 hours lecture, 12 hours clinical proctorship, and four hours of literature review. Wow, after one weekend you could be a certified manipulator. It’s a good thing the people having their bones jerked around are under anesthesia, be sure to show them your weekend course certificate when they come to, that should get some laughs. Research shows laughter is good for healing.

Let me ask you, if this was something that was really a benefit to patients, shouldn’t that be listed? The fax includes 10 reasons to incorporate MUA, and only one mentions anything about offering pain relief for patients. The rest of the advantages listed include: increased medical referrals, two hour a day practice, no overhead expenses, see only six patients per week, increase your income by four or five figures per week, obtain outpatient surgery center privileges and secure hospital privileges.

All of this great stuff is being provided by some Manual Medicine Academy and I don’t believe there’s any affiliation to any chiropractic group, organization, or college. Sounds like a lot of fun (kidding) but I’ll be busy that weekend in October.