By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I still like using dry erase boards to get my thoughts out where I can view them. I don’t know what it it but the whiteboard still does it for me.

I’ve tried mindmaps and other computer based applications but I’m not sold yet. Starting looking online to order a new 8′ by 4′ magnetic board so I can get more thoughts up daily.

I found two photos I took sometime last year and was amused by what I find myself writing. Webmasters and search people would get this stuff but it may look like gibberish to others. This screenshot below was from 2006 and related to some daily tasks on planetc1.

Dry Erase Screenshot

This stuff may actually come in handy (at least for me)…
Blocks of Content

*Video in Content (that’s turned out to be important)

Organized Video Content
RSS From Google w/ Keyword
Page Template w/feed Inserted

This was related to news content publishing and converting a perl script to RSS…

Headline <– Becomes .HTML
Desc. <– One Sentance
Meta Keywords <– Less than 20
Intro <– One Paragraph on Homepage
Story <– Content


The above screenshot was taking at sometime before the other, probably in 2006. Funny that I’d be writing things like Links out. It works for me. I’ll put something like this on the board and leave it there a few days (or weeks if it takes that long) to sink in. Who doesn’t like links?

I’m looking at the board for this weekend and it’s nearly full. My reminder that it’s time to get a new board. I promise I’ll make good use of it and won’t make lame posts like this one.

Now if I could only find a local (Culver City, Los Angeles, Santa Monica) place where I can get a new or used board I’d be set. The one’s I have found online are like $100+ to ship. Gotta be one for me locally. Holler if you’ve got one.