By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The Google News blog yesterday announced that all news is local, with a post that explains a new feature which helps readers find local news by simply typing in a city name or zip code.

Google News local news

I caught a screenshot on my Google News page before I began searching for content in local Los Angeles.

This is just one of several new features Google News has recently added. Earlier this week, they rolled out election coverage (I didn’t save any screenshots) that was appearing on the homepage. It was spectacular and gives a taste of what’s to come as the old Google News homepage morphs into a more interconnected user experience.

Greg Sterling covers the topic in greater detail on Search Engine Land which includes a few more detailed screenshots of the localized version of Google News.

According to the news blog post the feature is still in the experimental stage and is only available in English. Looks like it has great potential.