When I posted information about chiropractic seminars and events for April I forgot to mention the New Beginnings Chiropractic Philosophy Weekend in Eatontown New Jersey.

New Beginnings goes from April 26 to April 29 and it will be at the Sheraton Hotel and conference Center in Eatontown, New Jersey. For reservations and hotel information you can call the conference center at 1-732-542-6500 and ask for the special New Beginnings rate. To register or get more information for this chiropractic weekend philosophy event you can call 732-747-4646.

New Beginnings is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and perpetuating philosophically based principled Chiropractic without compromise, innately serving mankind, while enhancing the quality of life today, creating a healthier more perfect world.

Some speakers for the weekend include: Chiropractors Thom Gelardi, Tedd Koren, Pasquale Cerasoli, Jim Dubel, Jim Sigafoose, Dean DePice, Jay Handt, Kevin Donka, Eric Plasker, Robert Tarantino, Tony DeMarco, and Bill Henry.

Dstacked firewoodr. Jay Handt will be hosting a firewalk on Saturday night. This is always quite a spectacular event. Here is what some have had to say about previous new beginnings fire walks…

“The fire is light – it is high frequency. Connecting with the fire in such a sacred way allows one to connect with that part of oneself that is the “higher frequency” and re-mind us that all things are possible.” Dance with the fire – dance with your light. — Louis Corleto

The Firewalk: “A metaphor of life in a measured experience. The walk is done to show that actions speak louder than words… you walk on fire, a potential harm, knowing that if you are ego less or ‘in the zone’ no harm can come to you. You are a powerful, impenetrable human led to greatness by a omnipotent inner being. You may, nay you will, achieve anything once you get yourself out of the way.”

Walking on fire is a chance to do that which you would not ordinarily do. A chance to breakout of the cell of fear which traps many of us from reaching our potential. With the empowering decision to do the impossible, it symbolizes that beyond your comfort zone are accomplishments that you can do. Why not? You walked on fire. — Bob Tarantino

As for my CA’s response, the firewalk means: It means overcoming personal challenges and setting goals for the upcoming year. A way to bond with people you know and people you just met.

What the firewalk means to me: A life changing event that allows you to experience what it feels like to make the impossible possible. An adrenalin rush that stays with you that provides a spiritual anchor you can always count on. — Dr. Andrew A. De Saro

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New Beginnings meets in January, April, and September. Get more information on their web site at: http://www.nbchiro.com/