By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Two different screenshots to share here, mostly for my own interests (blog post rule fail: don’t post for you, post for your readers) but maybe there’s a slim chance you’ll find some value in what’s being shown.

The first image shows a screenshot for research I was conducting related to seminar information in the Dallas Texas area. I was in Texas for several days this past week, and I must say that I love Texas BBQ.

Dallas Chiropractor Dallas Texas 75209While in Texas, I was getting local search results related to the area I was staying in. If you take a look at the image above you’ll notice there are three separate primary websites indexed (the ones with green URLs). Each of the three has a title (like the top one which includes TX 75209), a snippet (the middle one is missing this), and address information.

Besides those three elements, there is a thumbnail photograph for two of the listings, and then there are a series of URLs (the ones in light blue) providing citations for each of the websites. Look carefully at each of the three, do you notice that the top one is the most complete?

Gebhardt Chiropractic Denver ChiropractorThe next image shows an example of scraped content. Bloggers and webmasters alike despise those that scrape their content. It is nearly always done without permission, and the scraper typically injects their own links into the content, in hopes of gaining link juice directed at their own domain.

If you look at the URL here for my photo iPhone review from 2010 you’ll notice that what’s shown in the screen grab above is the exact same content appearing on this blog. What this Gebhardt individual is doing, is scraping content authored by me (without my permission) and he’s using a plug-in to strip links and redirect keywords to his homepage. A real award winner this individual is.

The moral here: some chiropractors link and other chiropractors steal.