By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

While preparing an article for this morning’s chiropractic news, I was reviewing about nine years of chiropractic content related to topics like Valentine’s Day, service inside the office, thoughts on the profession, and general topics of love and happiness.

With Valentine’s Day 2008 approaching, I thought I’d put together a collection of those articles for your reading pleasure.

subluxations get on your nerves

Subluxations get on your nerves. A photo from our chiropractic office in February of 2007, with a little bit of Valentine spirit added.

Rather than discuss each article, I’m just going to provide a list of those I found, that may come in handy for practicing chiropractors, during the upcoming week. Some nice inspiration in these articles. The first is a compilation of e-mails various chiropractor sent in the week of Valentine’s Day 2006. There is also one in the list for Valentine’s Day 2001. If you want your chiropractic message of love included in our 2008 news post, include a comment below, and I will pull it from there.

Sharing the Chiropractic Love

Forgive Love Heal

How Do I Love Thee Let Me Count The Ways

Got lots of love in my chiropractic heart

Love Your Chiropractic Life

Fellow Administers of Love and Healing

What I love about Chiropractic

From Cuba With Love

It’s All About The Love

A Celebration of Love

To Give To Love To Serve

Every day should be as loved filled as Valentine’s Day. Here’s to Valentines 2008!