By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Checking website stats is a funny thing. On a chiropractic blog you’d expect to see results for terms like chiropractic, chiropractor, and other things directly related to the field, but there’s so many seemingly unrelated words that bring visitors… to all websites. I like the process of discovering what those words are.

black-high-heeled-leather-pumpsThe photo to the left will start us off. It was taken as part of a functional leg length assessment but that’s not what people see. What many see is a pair of Black High Heeled Leather Stitched Pumps and that’s what they may be searching for.

That’s why when you create content it’s always important to be as descriptive as you can, don’t forget locations and be sure to use granular terms.

I inspected 20 phrases that were traffic drivers during the month of March, and summarized them into one list. You may never know what’s going to drive your traffic (but you’re better off having a clue).

feel good words – Ppl love words that feel good. In 2007 I put together a list of 101 words like blessed, charismatic, dedicated, delightful, and others that lean on the side of positivity. It’s long been a popularly searched post.

naked massage – All I can say is there’s some real odd searches going on and I found nothing on this site related to nude massage. I figure folks are seeking out photos of or locations for getting naked massage. I’m having the feeling more are interested in a naked massage therepist vs. the standard naked person getting muscles worked on (with a towel covering private parts of course).

tushy massage – Apparently now we are in the gutter. I had no idea this was a term associated with a whole range of NSFW (not safe for work) websites. Needless to say there’s no content fitting the tushy category here so we’re likely not making those searchers happy.

manipulation under anesthesia – The often fought about and ever so controversial MUA or Manipulation under Anesthesia. One article from 2007 has continued to bring traffic for the term. Some I’ve spoken to think chiropractors practicing MUA should be jailed and sent to prison and others say it should be expanded into a greater scope of practice for chiropractic medicine. Will have to revisit this topic on another date.

victoria secret models names and pictures – This is one of those longtail keyword posts that you never know about. Hard to predict people will perform that search but the result is a nice set of models showing off beautiful postures from the 2008 televised show in Florida.

man purse – LOL. I bought a “man bag” from Tumi around Christmas time and geek friends have been making fun of it ever since. Interestingly when I open it up and show there’s a laptop netbook, camera, flip video cam, phone, and other electronics inside they decide they want one as well. Every tech guy should have a Man Purse.

obama’s dog’s name – Did the President ever name his dog? Last I heard the family choose a Portuguese water dog as the breed but I still don’t know what Obama (or his kids for that matter) named his dog. Sure we’ll get that one added in the comments.

chiropractic marketing – That’s a fairly general keyword phrase when it comes to chiropractor marketing ideas. Again, a popular 2007 post on 23 ways to market while in practice (very popular among non chiropractors as well) is the top hit.

candice michelle – A name that’s popular in the world of WWE and chiropractic, I noticed 12 or more posts on this blog related to a Santa Monica chiropractors wife Candice Michelle. Since she shows up at chiropractor events and parties it’s hard not to include Candice and Friends in posts.

chiropractic marketing ideas – A longtail version of the marketing keyword above. Just shows that more than one phrase may be responsible for site visitors. Remember, constant content creation is where it’s at.

tattoo – Wow! We get a good amount of traffic for that singly inked keyword. That’s one I think we could capitalize on, since so many women come to offices sporting tattoos in the lumbar spine region.

used chiropractic tables – I still get emails from people wanting to know if I’m selling the chiropractic table shown in the photo with that post. That was nearly 2 years ago and it’s long gone. However, It’s been a popular term that ends up with ppl going to the chiropractic classifieds to view tables and equipment for sale.

used chiropractic equipment – This ends up on the same post. Very important for those doing keyword research. Notice the difference between tables and equipment, one will usually do better than the other, but both drive traffic. – I LOVE seeing that a search for this IP address is being conducted and people are ending up here. We experienced a scammer attempting to defraud people and all activity was pointing back to that IP address. Turns out there’s now a bunch of search results related to spam and scams associated with that IP.

patriot memory stick – Most likely people are looking to price compare or get reviews on the patriot memory sticks. At the time I posted I had purchased an 8gb stick but I’ve since gotten a 16gb and 32gb stick. I like them because they feel tough (these usb sticks are housed in a rubber casing).

chiropractic office design – This one is interesting. There’s a detailed post on office designs for chiropractors on but the blog post is getting traffic as well. I get quite a few emails regarding offices and how they are setup. I think all chiropractors should take photos of room layouts and share them with one another. Great for developing new ideas.

what does rss feed stand for – Never assume everyone knows the basics. Reading that post today I think it’s time to update it and explain in greater detail what RSS stands for. I mentioned Really Subluxated Spine but that’s not what people are searching for.

chiropractic business card – Top result for the business card search is a post showing 2 card designs. There’s actually plenty of business card related posts on this blog, including one with my contact information.

plastic bones – When kids go to medical school or any other schooling where anatomy is taught they usually work with plastic bones (real human bones are less common nowadays). This was another topic where I noticed several posts discussing bones made of plastic. The plastic spine keychains image has actually gotten my new patients, go figure.

cervical spine x-ray – LMFAO because this one is indexed as an image search. It’s a great lateral cervical film but I hope nobody is taking the markings seriously, even though they would be anatomically correct and it’s a great way to remember structures for exams.

OK, that’s plenty of terms that seem to have no relationship to one another but all end up getting people to come and visit (if even breifly). Have a super day!