By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

On October 28th, Daria had a planet chiropractic news article which included a screenshot of 32 chiropractic practices being added to classified listings in less than 24 hours. She gave a summary on some of those businesses listed and pointed out that the current number for practices for sale had exceeded 780 businesses. I noticed yesterday that 11 more businesses were listed (by a broker) for sale throughout the United States.

The screenshot here shows an additional 11 practices listed for sale, all are in the United States. That brings the current number 794. This may not be of any interest to most people, but I’m thinking if there are nearly 800 chiropractic businesses for sale, it appears like there’s some great opportunities out there for someone looking to move into an existing practice.

Taking a look at the list, office locations include northern New Jersey, Indianapolis, Austin Texas, west Phoenix, Southern California (Torrance area), North Dallas, Modesto, North Carolina, Gilbert (which is in Arizona), and a practice for sale in Italy.

There is even a single new listing for a new graduate seeking to associate in someone’s office.

With some creativity and good business principles, it looks to me like there’s some incredible opportunities to not only purchase someone’s existing business, but to find the right talent that will provide care for clientele.

It will be interesting to see how listings will look six months from now.