Twiistup 3 Draws Geeks and Nerds in LA

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Nothing like a Wednesday night at the Air-Conditioned Supper Club in Venice Beach California, hanging out with some of West LA’s biggest geeks and nerds. The digital media space in West Los Angeles has subtly been growning for the past few years now, and things are no longer as quiet as they used to be. I recall Brian Deagan, reporter for Investors Business Daily, commenting more than two years ago, that West Los Angeles will become a digital hub of Web 2.0 media. From the sold-out crowd I witnessed last night, I’d say Brian’s predictions are […]

California Storms Perfect for Local News Webmasters

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. This post is not about the week and weekend weather that is pummeling California. That information can be viewed via the California storm news article posted earlier today. This article is about how quickly information on the Internet can travel, and how independent news web sites (unlike major outlets like the New York Times and Reuters) can deliver up to date and relevant news pieces, that oftentimes result in significant bursts of new traffic, and fresh inbound links. As I write this post the rain is pouring down hard on my beach adjacent home in coastal […]

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