Mahalo for Not Smoking

by Michael Dorausch I took lots of photos of different signs during my Christmas trip to Maui. The calling 911 sign was popular. Here’s a group of signs from around the island that say Mahalo, which is Hawaiian for thank you. Besides Aloha, it’s probably the most commonly used word in Maui. Please Do Not Walk on Roadway Use Sidewalk – Mahalo Photo taken outside of the Kaanapali Beach Club. This next photo was for a sign about an Congo African Grey named BoJo. We share a birthday so I took a liking to this bird. While tempted, I didn’t […]

Dialing 911 to Report Smokers

by Michael Dorausch 911 what’s your emergency? I’d like to report someone smoking. On a recent trip through the town of Paia (located off the Hana highway in Maui, Hawaii) I snapped a photo of this no smoking, no drinking, no camping sign outside of a youth and cultural center. Dial 911 To Report Smokers – Visiting several public locations, I noticed that no smoking laws in Hawaii appeared to be rather strict, even more so than those in the state of California (there are recent smoking bans on some popular California beaches). But calling 911 to report a smoker? […]