Superbowl Kickoff & 2008 Super Bowl Guide

by Michael Dorausch If you’re looking for today’s Superbowl time, information about today’s Superbowl schedule, Super Bowl commercials (including Candace Michelle), or Super Bowl recipes, we’ve got it here in our Guide to 2008 NFL Football Super Bowl XLII. Check that article for nearly all the information you need related to today’s 2008 Super Bowl XLII game. This post is about our behavior as humans and how we are using search engines to locate information. Did you know that more people search Superbowl as opposed to Super Bowl. Do you see the difference? According to research I’ve done this weekend, […]

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California Storms Perfect for Local News Webmasters

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. This post is not about the week and weekend weather that is pummeling California. That information can be viewed via the California storm news article posted earlier today. This article is about how quickly information on the Internet can travel, and how independent news web sites (unlike major outlets like the New York Times and Reuters) can deliver up to date and relevant news pieces, that oftentimes result in significant bursts of new traffic, and fresh inbound links. As I write this post the rain is pouring down hard on my beach adjacent home in coastal […]

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