By Sal Martingano, D.C.

Have you ever wondered how we ended up in a healthcare system that is riddled with errors and inconsistencies, priced beyond everyone’s means, centered on the use of toxic chemicals and with a track record of iatrogenic injuries that is beyond the carnage of all our wars?

What happened to the “first do no harm” motto of early medicine? Who has taken us from the laws of nature to the practicality and ever changing status of science? Most importantly, how have the healing arts become a government controlled issue?

These are questions, not for scholars but for the average citizen to ponder. It is an oxymoron to discuss “natural healing.” Healing, by definition, is the natural process of the body improving its own health. With the advent of scientific advances and the insatiable need to speed up or circumvent natural processes, we have slowly accepted the uncertainties of today’s chemical healing over time tested natural healing, much the way we embrace the logic of winning the lottery. We all know the inherent dangers of toxic chemicals, we all have heard staggering adverse statistics of modern medicine yet we have accepted these almost without question.

It makes me wonder if this blatant misuse of logic and common sense is part of the marketing strategy of a larger game. Magicians are famous for the “slight of hand”; can we be participating in an elaborate illusion where the reward is always held just beyond our grasp? It has been my practice experience to hear of families devastated by medical blunders or miscalculation only to continue in the same vein without question. We have been trained to adhere to the tenants of conventional medicine yet not question who or to what extent these tenants benefit us. I would think “brain washing” would be an acceptable reason but no one seems to be held against his or her will. So how can one explain the predicament of logic and common sense not playing a part in the demise of our health care system? People seem happy complaining about not being able to afford healthcare without huge subsistence. People often use their healthcare misfortunes as a “red badge of courage”, more concerned that they are not as bad off as their neighbor. Common sense has given way to dollars and cents in our healthcare system.

I feel like we are in a “time warp” where right and wrong somehow have no meaning because of the numerous “shades of gray” in healthcare. I know you have all heard the arguments and have seen the proof of the demise of our present healthcare system yet we can’t seem to move toward the logical direction of a non-chemical approach to healing. It is my opinion that there are forces at play that keep us content arguing over the type technology, the generation of new drugs or the degree of insurance coverage’s and never the real problem of change. In other words we are content discussing the “candy” while the issue of running the “candy store” goes undetected.

I will present some logical statements intended to stimulate your intellect and common sense. It has been said that all things of value have to make sense. Our present healthcare system seems to lack that basic component. The resulting conclusion is that something is controlling the direction of healthcare without our permission. Until we understand that despite all the carnage and deception of our present healthcare system, continuing to stay the course is not in our best interest; but finding a better way is our only recourse to regaining control, we must act swiftly and with good conscience. Where do we start?

Basic Facts:

  1. Natural healing, including Chiropractic, which works with the body’s ability to heal itself; with no side effects, kills no one, keeps people out of hospitals, has a proven track record of reducing the likelihood of Cancer, Heart Disease, Degenerative Diseases, Auto Immune Diseases, etc…, as well as musculoskeletal disorders; by simply removing nerve interference (the Subluxation) within the spine, which allows the body to better communicate with itself. Other forms of natural healing are available which further compliment better body communication without adverse effects.
  2. Medical healing works by altering natural body healing by forcing the body to adapt to toxic chemicals. 1 ½ million people/year are hospitalized by adverse reactions to prescription drugs. 120,000+ people die each year from the chemical treatments they receive. Since modern medicine has taken over and is virtually mandated by law, Cancer has risen from 1:500 in 1950 to 1:3 in 1999; heart disease has soared, auto immune diseases like Asthma, Lupis, M.S., Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, etc… are off the charts. Vaccines are creating permanent brain injuries and death in ever-larger numbers.

Basic Questions:

  1. If our government was truly interested in healing and the safety of it’s people, how can they justify almost ½ million related medically induced deaths per year?
  2. If our government was really interested in bringing economic sanity to health care, why do they embrace Managed Health Care, which has raised the cost of health care to $1.2 trillion? By comparison, all proven natural health care technologies and treatments combined make up only 1.9% of the total health care bill?
  3. If our government was truly for medical and personal independence (our constitutional rights), why institute and mandate government programs that remove personal choices and enslave people? Ex. Medicare: Every person over 65 becomes dependent on the government entitlement programs, which discourages independent thinking.
  4. If we are truly a democratic republic, why do all medical mandates stem from the “World Trade Organization”, which is an international organization, instituted for the purpose of controlling world activities? Ex. W.T.O.’s medical policy: “Healing is the sole responsibility of Conventional Medicine.” Any organization that opposes this thinking will experience the full deterrent of supporting agencies like the F.B.I., C.I.A., F.D.A., Social Services, and I.R.S.
  5. If the F.D.A. was truly established to protect us from harmful products, why have so many approved drugs been removed due to their harmful and sometimes deadly effects, only to be replaced by more harmful drugs? Why does the F.D.A. not treat natural products that are known to work without harmful effects, the same as toxic chemical drugs?
  6. If health is dependent on the body better adapting to it’s environment, then why are vaccines being created to stop every living adaptive process?

Vaccines stop natural body adapting via chemicals and toxic microbes.

If vaccines truly worked, why does the government have to mandate them with dire consequences, i.e. no shot, no school or social services taking children away?

If vaccines cause harm in up to 10% of the cases, how come the pharmaceutical companies that make them, the M.D.’s who administer them and the governmental agencies that mandate them, are totally immune from prosecution, malpractice or wrongful death claims?

These are just of a few of the questions that you should be asking yourself about your healthcare system and if you do, certain facts will become clear:

  1. This system is designed to discourage “natural thinking” and dis-incentives to the open market place. Private companies can’t get their products or research to the open market.
  2. This system decentralizes related healthcare industries by legislating the profits out of a free enterprise system.
  3. This system controls the flow of money to the industry through I.R.S. & F.T.C. regulations.
  4. This system slowly disarms the masses and dominates the direction of health care.
  5. This system produces government entitlement programs for everything in healthcare.
  6. This system forces people to get used to “someone else” paying for their health needs.
  7. Once government has total control over healthcare, they can easily begin to remove more and more freedoms, very slowly under the guise of the “common good.”
  8. Soon you will realize that you have no freedoms left, only government programs.

I’ve just described the present predicament of our health care system. Does this sound like the “democracy” that our founding fathers wrote about in the Declaration of Independence and spelled out explicitly in our Constitution? I think not.

doctor with syringe

Government was never designed to “own” any part of the sovereign rights of the states or the people. It was not designed to interfere with everyday life. Government was to provide for the “Common Defense” and uphold the laws of the land.

To those of us who have studied world economics and world politics, know that what I have just described is not a random act of government coming to the aid of their people in healthcare but is the classic case of a different form of government, Socialism. Socialism is a slow, non-violent takeover of all goods and services to its people. Socialism pretends to protect and “father” its people by offering entitlement programs in all aspects of the economy for the good of the people. It slowly tries to separate and redistribute the wealth of the nation so that there is no “power base” left to bargain from. Socialism offers a government-controlled centralization of all activities (in this case managed health care) to provide for the “common good.”

Unfortunately, in the end, it leaves no room for personal freedom, the very freedom we, as a country, have fought to protect for 200 bloody years. Democratic forms of government do not seek to control but instead encourages the marketplace to set the benchmarks. This discussion is not only about healthcare but the basis of our understanding of the American healthcare system. When the American medical marketplace becomes alien to the other American economic marketplaces, one has to question why. Why destroy the competitive “insurance” marketplace in healthcare, in favor of 5 government regulated insurance giants, as is the present case in Managed Healthcare. How democratic can “controlled” insurance be? Obviously, it was not to save money, as it was presented. Medical costs have skyrocketed with the addition of governmental agency layering to complicate matters. In fact, medical doctors are mere pawns of this system needed only for their licenses to secure business profits. They are paid stipends for their services based on governmental allowances (codes). They have “mandates” as to how to practice and what to prescribe based on timetables not patient needs. Prevention is merely a euphemism for treatment. One can’t practice prevention in a system requiring disease to survive.

It is my opinion that we are in the midst of a socialistic takeover of our healthcare system and perhaps other aspects of our democratic life as well. History is very clear, that those who give in to others controlling their daily lives will ultimately lose their freedoms to those forces. This is not about our medical healthcare system; it is about YOUR freedom to maintain YOUR democratic way of life. Too often discussions like this are ushered out as “conspiracy theories”, by “kooks” who can’t make it in society. This is the very reason why informed people rather remain silent and is the very “silent weapon” used by Socialism. I implore you think twice before you give up your freedoms in general because once gone, there is no turning back. Stand up for what is right, not what is expedient.

Government agencies have no business in healthcare. Managed health care is about the control over the money and direction in healthcare, not the healthcare. Choose your leaders wisely. The past 8 year administration was riddled with the rhetoric of non-democratic ideals. Study our history and the direction that we are presently moving toward. The inconsistencies are breathtaking. I urge all of you to take back your independence. Socialism cannot exist unless you give in to its methods.

So who really controls our healthcare system and what are the motives? I contend that we have been too busy fighting the fight to see who is really winning the war. The motives are clearly control over the wealth and power our healthcare system generates by forces outside the democracy we think is in control. Oddly enough, the answer to what can be done lies in the very reason why healthcare became an economic entity. Natural healing, even with the aid of scientific advances, is the only defense against government interference. The fact is that the financial gains of the vast pharmaceutical reserves and resources are no different than the vast energy reserves and resources. Those who control the reserves and resources, control the masses. By reducing the financial gains of pharmaceuticals by their judicious usage only and the continued investigation and use of natural forms of healing, like Chiropractic and others, will run counter to the present agenda of socialism.

Without the huge profit factors at stake, the marketplace can once again bring prices and services into balance. Without the controlling factors required for socialism to take over; when the distribution of wealth no longer has a vehicle of implementation, Socialism ceases to exist. The interesting part is that all this can take place without the average person even knowing what is happening.

Things that are natural need not be defined. Whether it’s healthcare freedom or financial freedom, following the course of nature will always bring balance to those who practice.

Dr. Sal Martingano is a renowned national motivational speaker and founder of The Family Center for Chiropractic, in Palm Bay, Florida. Dr. Sal conducts weekly motivational seminars in his office and has hosted his own weekly radio program “Straight Talk On Chiropractic” for the past 13 years. Dr. Sal is a regular speaker at Chiropractic seminars and takes an active role in all aspects of the chiropractic profession.