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Chiropractors… This Post is All About You!

This past weekend I collected more than 100 chiropractic business cards while attending the DCS Jam event in Southern California. Many chiropractors that handed me cards mentioned they had address changes, phone number changes, or other changes, some of which differed from information listed on the Local Chiropractor pages.

It has been a week since the continuing education event and there are currently 3 stacks of business cards from chiropractors (with practices in numerous states) sitting on my desk. Neither my staff or myself have much time set aside to add new business listings and update the information we currently have displayed in chiropractic directory databases. I want this information available to the public as much as you do.

Planet Chiropractic receives e-mails every day from people seeking chiropractors in different parts of the world, and also receive requests by telephone and e-mail, in my LA chiropractic office. I know that hundreds of chiropractors also get requests from existing patients to help find a chiropractor in a specific area. I figured if we’re working together on this, we can get all of those 100 chiropractic locations (and potentially many more) added to the address databases in a shorter duration of time.

Chiropractors Promoting Wellness and Good Health

It’s real simple to participate. All it will take is for you to add your chiropractic office information to the comments below. You don’t have to create an account. You don’t have the register. All you have to do is add the name of your chiropractic practice, your name, your business address, business telephone, website URL (if you have one), and possibly a brief description about your office (that will be optional).

We will pull the address and phone number information from the comments and have them added to the directory pages (which are receiving a lot of search traffic), which will be easier on my staff than manually adding information from business cards.

You’ll get a link to your web site in the comments section, you’ll get a link to your web site on the directory pages, and your office address and phone number information will be displayed as well. There’s no marketing involved. I’m not going to try and sell you anything. I just figure working as a group we can get a lot more information added (a lot faster) than if the task was left to just myself or my staff. Sound good?

Lets Make This Exciting!

Beginning on June 1, 2008, Planet Chiropractic will feature articles written about local chiropractors from all over the world, with featured offices being selected exclusively from the comments section of this blog post.

That’s right, myself, Planet Chiropractic staff, or hired writers will be contacting chiropractors that participate by adding their information, with questions and interviews about where you practice, how you practice, how long you have been in practice, what you love about being a chiropractor, the people being served in your community, and other information you’d like to share with people seeking chiropractic practitioners.

The plan is to feature a different chiropractor at least one time per week until we’ve gone through the entire list. Our chiropractic news articles are typically read by thousands and they provide an incredible opportunity for chiropractors all over the globe to share their stories about the wonders of chiropractic care.

Think you want to participate? Here is what I ask. Add your office information in the comments below. I’ll be adding my office first to provide an example of how to properly post a comment. If you post comment spam, expect to have your comment deleted and sent into akismet purgatory. One comment per chiropractic practitioner. If there is more than one chiropractor practicing in your office, I’d prefer to have the owner of the practice listed. Associates are welcome to participate as well.

If you are a chiropractic student or the patient, practice member, or client of a chiropractor, you may want to pass this information on to them. I greatly appreciate that and will be seeking out a way to reward you for doing so.

This post will be updated based on questions asked, so that we are providing the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Ready, set, post your comments!

85 thoughts on “Chiropractors

  1. Salse Chiropractic Center
    David M. Salse, Chiropractor
    116 W. Foothill Blvd.
    Monrovia, CA 91016

    Our office serves the local residents of the San Gabriel Valley.
    Our purpose is to help as many people as possible to live better lives with chiropractic!

  2. I would like to give my info to be posted if anyone needing chiro in Springfield, Illinois.
    Paul R. Venturini, D.C
    2060 West Washington St.
    Springfield, IL. 62702

  3. Erin Randazzo, D.C.
    3601 Hempstead Turnpike
    Suite 405
    Levittown, NY 11756

    Located in Levittown, Long Island. Serving the Nassau County, New York area. New Patients are always welcome for same day Chiropractic and Massage services.

  4. Kathy McAuliffe, DC
    McAuliffe Chiropractic Office
    109 Wedgewood Drive
    Columbia, IL 62236

  5. Huntington Medical and Rehabilitation
    33 Walt Whitman Road suite 100
    Huntington Station, NY 11746
    Treating patients with chiropractic and massage therapy.
    Serving the Suffolk and Nassau Long Island areas.
    We take pride in our pleasant atmosphere and superior staff!

  6. John D. LaFalce D.C., A.T.C.
    1575 Hillside Ave Suite LL1
    New Hyde Park, NY 11040

    Treating patients with chiropractic, massage therapy, and rehabilitation. Serving patients in Nassau County and Queens using massage therapy, soft tissue manipulation, and gentle chiropractic care.

  7. Fredrick Chiropractic Plus
    Dr. Mark Fredrick
    3930 W Washington St Suite B
    Gurnee, Il 60031
    (847) 662-1600

    Your health is our primary concern.
    Dr. Fredrick and his staff are dedicated health care professionals who will customize your treatment to meet your specific needs. We offer chiropractic services, rehabilitation, sports medicine, laser therapy, acupuncture, nutritional testing, and acupoint testing.

  8. Dr. Deborah Genin
    Dr. Paul Beberman
    Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center
    198 New York Ave
    Huntington, NY 11743
    (631) 470-9670

    We are a husband and wife team with a Licensed Massage Therapist on staff. We are dedicated health professionals with a goal to help as many people in our area as possible. We utilize the very best, most up to date chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy modalities and soft tissue treatments.

  9. Dr. Paul Beberman
    Balance Chiropractic & Rehabilitation
    1841 Broadway, Suite 505
    New York, NY 10023
    (212) 245-2613

    We are located in the heart of Columbus Circle (UWS of Manhattan) with a Chiropractor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist and Nutritionist on staff. We are dedicated health professionals with a goal to help as many people in the NYC area. Our team specializes and utilizes the most up to date chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy modalities and soft tissue treatments. We also specialize in treatments of sports injuries and neurological disorders.

  10. Drs. Ken Otto
    Dr. Khristi Otto
    Otto Chiropractic, S.C.
    308 E. Northland Ave
    Appleton, WI 54911

    Dr. Mike
    Thanks so much for all you do for our awesome profession. We truely appreciate it and what a great job you did on this project.

    In case you are ever in Appleton (Fox Valley, Neenah, Little Chute, Menasha) we would love for you to stop and see us!
    One of the great things about our office is that we are have over 30 years combined experience helping people with headaches, back pain and whip lash injuries.

  11. 5603-101 Duraleigh Rd.
    Raleigh, NC 27612

    We treat everyone from pediatrics to geriatrics with a multitude of hands on techniques, and the DRX 9000 for treatment of bulging and herniated discs. We are in network with virtually all insurances and have a location that is easily accessable for all of of Raleigh.

  12. Dr. Madeline Altman
    2660 townsgate Rd., Suite 240
    Westlake Village, CA 91361

    (this is in Thousand Oaks)

    Thank you for so much continuous chiropractic information!

  13. Todd Galley: Family Chiropractor
    1528 Fort St. Lincoln Park, MI
    (313) 382-TODD

    “Box-On-The-Wall” Family Practice

    Chiropractic adjustments open up nerve pathways, allowing more LIFE to flow through your body. This, in turn, raises you potential in ALL areas; body chemistry, strength, stamina, focus, attitude, and overall health.

    Our fee system is simple: Pay what you can afford, using an anonymous drop box. This ensures that everyone has access to our quality care. Chiropractic Works! Come in and see for yourself.

  14. Long Beach Spine & Rehabilitation Chiropractic Health Center
    3434 Los Coyotes Diagonal
    Long Beach, CA 90808
    (562) 938-8770 – phone
    (562) 938-8762 – fax

    Voted “Doctor of the Year – 2008-09” by Calfornia Chiropractic Assn

  15. Patients of Chiropractic Health Associates inside of Women & Child Naturopathic Clinic will have unlimited access to work one-on-one with a live personal wellness coach via telephone, email, facebook, or myspace to help them lose weight, get fit, reduce stress, stop smoking, eat better, feel better, sleep better and more at 304 Danforth Avenue. For more information contact our office at 416.909.SAGE

  16. 215 Park Ave South Suite 1304
    New York, NY 10003

    Here is a summary of the clinic:

    Our clinic is dedicated to providing the most progressive and integrative healthcare in New York City by utilizing many innovative therapies:

    Chiropractic–specializing in Applied Kinesiology and Diversified Techniques.

    Nutrition–as one of the first licensed Applied Clinical Nutritionists in New York City, you will be receiving the latest in nutritional therapies.

    Functional Medicine–analyzing core clinical imbalances of the body such as hormones, neurotransmitters, liver, immune system, as well as the anti-aging process.

  17. Advanced Health Center
    20969 Ventura Blvd. #23
    Woodland Hills, CA 91364
    (818) 999-0202
    Thanks for all your hard work

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