Michael DorauschBy Michael Dorausch, D.C.

He may be a medical doctor, but Ron Paul is the only US presidential hopeful name that I’ve seen consistently appearing in chiropractic e-mails, newsletters, and discussion groups. Earlier last month, I took some time to write about the web sites of Barack, Hillary, and Paul and I had been meaning to get some more news out about the 2008 election, but I’ve been focused on other things.

Just a few minutes ago I noticed a hundred plus headlines suggesting that Ron Paul has recently raised more than $5 million, thanks in part to donations being made via the Internet. Some article links I grabbed from the major media and the blogosphere include: Ron Paul’s fund raising doubled, Ron Paul’s impressive haul, Ron Paul raises 5 million, the $5 million Man, and Ron Paul raises 5 million.

Why would chiropractors be so gung ho on the Texas obstetrician, Ron Paul? I haven’t read all the e-mail discussions so I don’t yet have a reasonable idea. Taking a brief look at his issues on health care, it appears as though Ron Paul’s suggestions for health freedom are quite similar to those in the majority chiropractic interest. That’s my first guess.

To my knowledge, chiropractic organizations in the United States have historically endorsed Republican presidential candidates, yet I’ve seen no official word from 3 major US organizations: The International Chiropractors Association, the Federation of Straight Chiropractors, or the World Chiropractic Alliance, on presidential hopefuls for 2008.

I will be posting presidential related discussions to this blog, and will post all news related material to the Planet Chiropractic main index page. I think it’s soon time for a presidential posture contest, who do you think has the backbone for the job?