Free WordPress Theme for Chiropractic Websites

Guest Post By Don Campbell Free WordPress Theme for Chiropractic Websites – Optimized for Local Search Results We should never have watched that video. My friends and I got a hold of a video of the Korean National Tae Kwon Do demonstration team. These guys were absolutely amazing. Breaking boards, flying kicks, and acrobatics of all kinds. They were the best of the best in a nation where Tae Kwon Do is the national sport. After watching the video, my fellow Tae Kwon Do class mates and I had no choice but to put together our own black belt demonstration […]

Checking Chiropractor Site Validity

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. In last week’s chiropractic traffic report I mentioned that we’d be addressing a series of ways chiropractors can do a little bit more research on the chiropractic websites they are doing business with. When a chiropractic directory company calls your office or you get pitched at a chiropractic seminar, you should have ways to check and see if the claims they are making are at all valid. I’m going to show one screenshot, and talk briefly about very easy ways chiropractors can check up on websites they are thinking about doing business with. The next time […]

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I’ve covered this seven reasons topic before, but Dr. Darrel Crain asked if I’d cover it again, with a greater emphasis on chiropractic web sites. You’d think I’d be a big fan of the companies pushing chiropractic web site templates, but that’s not the case. Issues like horrible search engine optimization (SEO) methods, duplicate content, secret linking schemes (that profit the company making the template), and reliability on paid search (PPC) for traffic, are some of the reasons why I tell chiropractors to stay far away from most chiropractic website companies. I still think going local […]

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. This post is a combination of transcribed content from video recorded at a PubCon 2007 evening session that featured Matt Cutts, my organization of that content, and related resource links for websites or articles Matt spoke about during his presentation. The discussion was moderated by special guest host Guy Kawasaki, who was a keynote speaker at PubCon 2006. (photo: Matt Cutts speaking at Thursday morning PubCon keynote presentation) Matt Cutts: I’m sorry my mental gears are still making the shift, this is not your typical panel, I’m still kind of… Guy Kawasaki: No it’s not, I’m […]

7 Reasons to Hire a Local Webdesigner

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I thought I wrote about this before but I can’t seem to currently find the post. A bunch of chiropractors were gathered around my ubuntu running laptop a few days ago and someone asked me the question I’ve been asked some thousand plus times before. Who should I hire to build my website? My first response is always “don’t hire me” because I’m far too busy doing other things (like making posts about cheeseburgers). For those of you non chiropractors that have ended up here seeking local webdesigner advice this will likely be helpful to you […]

Lost chiropractor website post

Must have been the tequila, found the post I started and thought was deleted. Getting good feedback on the website idea (thanks) and slowly moving forward (at least moving). Going to load a template version of the website to a subdomain so you can login and play with the settings. Read post link below for complete story… It’s either the 15 new patients I saw in my office this week, the 14 new patients I saw in my office last week, the gargantuan amount of love and support I’ve received from family, friends, chiropractors, patients, or the Tequila I’m enjoying […]

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Giving away my chiropractic website

My first attempt at this post got back spaced and I inadvertently deleted all the content before I saved it. Lesson: incremental saves. OK, you saw the title… I’m giving away a website. It’s late so I’m not getting into much detail now but I’ll update this as I move further along. Simply, I spent about $3000.00 developing a site (Chiropractor Website) and numerous people have emailed me since saying they liked it, could they get one like it, etc… Today I was doing some edits on a few pages and the thought arose to put the site into Creative […]

Chiro a Bad Name Choice For Websites

I know someone is going to argue this but I have to say after over 10 years of purchasing domain names the term “chiro” is a poor choice when planning to create websites for patients and other consumers. Notice I said developing websites for patients and not chiropractors. In chiropractic, there are many sites using the “chiro” prefix in their domain name. We chiropractors tend to see these terms and we say “KiRo.” However, consumers often say “cheero” like cheerios or cheer for me, yippie doodle day. Now in fairness I also hear some consumers say words that sound like […]

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Chiropractic Website Design

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Tips for developing a successful chiropractors web space Can you help me design my chiropractic Website? I’ve been asked that question so many times that it has me wondering whether there are more chiropractors in this world than we previously thought. I’ve answered the question a thousand different ways and to cut back on the e-mails I receive I figured it was best to address some of the basics here. Many of the design ideas and fundamentals going into the creation of a chiropractic website will be similar to many other service industry types of website […]

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