Bones Spinal Nerves and Disks

This morning I found an old digital camera had lying around at my Los Angeles chiropractic office. The camera only had a 64 Mb memory card but I noticed it could capture Apple format .mov video, which I never try to use it for. I placed the camera on a tripod in one of my adjusting rooms and created a brief educational video using one of those plastic spine, disk, nerve models. I grabbed the model of the healthy spine and just went over some of the basics. One of the things I’ve learned over the years I’ve been practicing […]

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Introduction to Chiropractic in Spanish

A chiropractor in Orange County, California contacted me yesterday wanting to know if Planet Chiropractic still had chiropractic videos in Spanish. Back in early 2000, or sometime around there, we had a video available for sale featuring Panamanian born chiropractor Dr. Luis Ocon of Salinas, California. Since the time I filmed the video (digitally on my handheld Sony VX1000 DV camcorder), broadband speeds have improved to the point that the entire 30 minute video could be made available online for viewing. I decided to post the video to Google sometime early last year but realized just yesterday that I didn’t […]

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Planet Chiropractic Videos from 1990s

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Back in the 1990s we had 4 chiropractic videos available for sale. All were on VHS and they could be ordered online. Since those days, people have moved to DVD and even online video downloads. Planet Chiropractic stopped offering videos for sale around 2002 but I’d like to one day have a few of these available for watching online or downloading in a standard video watching format. The Mission of Chiropractic Video – The Mission of Chiropractic with Dr. Stew Bittman was an 88 minute recording filmed in a chiropractic office in Lake Tahoe, CA. Since […]

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