Planet Chiropractic at WordCamp 2007 San Francisco

I’m heading to WordCamp 2007 in San Francisco! I know what you are thinking, what in the heck is WordCamp and if it’s a place you go to learn how to spell, or learn how to put together words without creating compound sentences, it’s about time you’re going. Sorry but that’s not it. WordCamp is for a group of techie people that are all using a blogging software known as WordPress. WordPress is the engine behind this blog section of Planet Chiropractic and that’s primarily why I am going. I’ve been writing increasingly about open-source software and how we’ve been […]

Making Mahalo My Home Page

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. About a week ago a friend of mine e-mailed me suggesting I check out a new search engine web site called Mahalo. He wanted to get my opinion on the web site so I checked it out (I always love when friends check out my web site as well). So I checked out the web site and I thought it was pretty basic. It had a simple and clean layout that was easy on my eyes. I spent a few minutes searching for various terms and then e-mailed my friend back to tell him what I […]

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Google buys FeedBurner RSS Website

Google announced on Friday, June 1st, 2007 that they were purchasing popular RSS Feed website I was excited to hear this news as I believe it will greatly advance the utilization of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) online. FeedBurner is not an old website, according to whois records, the domain was registered in December of 2003. From what I’ve read Google will be incorporating Adwords into RSS feeds which will open up a number of new opportunities for advertisers and webmasters. RSS is not only for Blogs and News websites, the XML format is being used in many ways and […]

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Synergy for Better Ergonomics

This week and I had some time to rearrange the multiple computer configuration I have set up at my planetc1 office, which was getting less than comfortable due to the current setup. When organizing computer setups my chiropractic brain says use good posture and proper ergonomics. Don’t sit too long, take plenty of breaks, support the low back, and keep the stress off the neck and shoulders. My tech brain wants things to be cool, fast, and efficient. It’s tough sometimes to accomplish both tasks, my tech brain usually gets priority even though I know proper posture is critical to […]