2012 Honda LA Marathon Elite Finishers: A Photo Set

Organizers for the 2012 LA Marathon were prepared for the worst of rain and inclement weather Los Angeles could serve up, but the Sunday morning sun shined and Randy Newman’s I Love LA played as elite marathon runners crossed the finish line on March 18th, 2012, in Santa Monica, California. With her left foot touching the finish line, Misiker Mekonnin takes 2nd place in the women’s division at the 2012 LA Marathon. Originally from Ethiopia, and currently living in Albuquerque New Mexico, Misiker Mekonnin completed the race with a time of 02:28:09 (2 hours 28 minutes and 9 seconds). The […]

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Jenn Brown & Warren Sapp on Inside The NFL Showtime

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Sports enthusiast and former athlete, Jenn Brown, debuted tonight as a special correspondent on Showtime Networks Inside the NFL. The multi-talented TV personality and event reporter joined the program working with host James Brown and analysts Phil Simms, Cris Collinsworth and Warren Sapp (Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders). I’ve been a big fan of Jenn Brown (she has great posture) since before she was a cheerleader show host on CMT. I’m also a big fan of Warren Sapp (MrsChiropractic is even a bigger fan as she is a Raiders fanatic) so this is pretty exciting […]

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Superbowl Kickoff & 2008 Super Bowl Guide

by Michael Dorausch If you’re looking for today’s Superbowl time, information about today’s Superbowl schedule, Super Bowl commercials (including Candace Michelle), or Super Bowl recipes, we’ve got it here in our Guide to 2008 NFL Football Super Bowl XLII. Check that article for nearly all the information you need related to today’s 2008 Super Bowl XLII game. This post is about our behavior as humans and how we are using search engines to locate information. Did you know that more people search Superbowl as opposed to Super Bowl. Do you see the difference? According to research I’ve done this weekend, […]

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GPS Fitness Trainers For Better Performance

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Along the concrete and asphalt paths of Venice, Santa Monica, and other coastal parts of West Los Angeles, people have been increasingly turning out for early morning training runs in preparation for the March 2008 Los Angeles Marathon. During my morning visits down to the beach I’m seeing increased numbers of people training in groups. The 22nd annual LA Marathon is taking place on March 2 of this year and those groups are likely to grow in size during the next 45 days or so. But what if your training alone? I’ve been running the shoreline […]

Lucky 13 X Games Fall for Skater Jake Brown

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Big Air Skateboarder Jake Brown fell nearly 50 feet last night at X Games 13. In a crowd shocker, after lying there for almost 5 minutes, Brown got up and walked it off. I’ve been at events like these for years and one thing I’ve learned from extreme action sports people is they don’t like having medics on the course. I remember doing an event in Santa Monica in 2001 when someone riding BMX face planted into a pile of dirt and shredded their face. They refused medical attention until they were off of the run. […]

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LA Getting Spicy Hot with X Games 13

by Michael Dorausch, Chiropractor Today, LAX stands for Los Angeles X Games 2007 and not Los Angeles International Airport. Fans are rolling into town here in Los Angeles and Carson and practice runs for most events are over for the day. People flying past Carson may be wondering is that a plane? No, it was a Moto X rider performing a double backflip! There has already been some reports of injuries with BMX Rock Star Chad Kagy winding up with a fractured collarbone and a few other riders moving slowly due to various aches and pains. That won’t stop most […]

X Games 13 Hits Los Angeles

Extreme sports participants have been arriving at LAX since the weekend and X Games 13 kicks off in Los Angeles today. BMX pros began freestyle big air practice on Tuesday, July 31 and continued with big air practice on Wednesday. That may look like an ordinary chiropractic adjustment to some but it’s actually a right sided pelvic pushing sacral moving tail whip preparation adjustment performed by LAX coastal chiropractor, Dr. Michael Dorausch.EXPN has a live cam set up so you can watch the BMX freestyle big air practices. Don’t have a link yet directly to the live cam but you […]

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Ok, so I was out of my LA Chiropractic office today but I had good reason. Today, the Los Angeles Lakers celebrated their third consecutive NBA championship with a triumphant parade through a purple-and-gold sea of screaming fans. The parade basically results in all the streets around downtown Los Angeles being closed to through traffic so there is not much to do other than get outside and have some fun. And fun we had! I took many photos this year, and yes to those who requested more photos of the Lakers Cheerleaders, we got those too. […]

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