Classic Planet Chiropractic Ad Banners

Back in the days before Google adsense existed (almost hard to imagine) we ran an internal banner network on Planet Chiropractic. While cleaning out site directories, I recently came across hundreds of chiropractic themed banners, several of which were created in the 1990s. The days of running internal advertising networks are not over, but I doubt any of these banners would ever be put to use again. I’m sharing a bunch of them for purely historical purposes. Get the Big Idea 468×60 Banner A 468×60 banner for “the big idea” chiropractic VHS tape. Most of the ads that ran on […]

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Chiropractic Blogging like it’s 1999

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Taking a walk down history lane on what parts of the website looked like 10 years ago. Amazing to think that we’ve been at it for more than a decade now, and today even our news archives feature a full 10 years of solid content that has been posted near daily since June of 1999. Chances are you don’t recall how things looked on our chiropractic of planets back in the 1990s. I had an affirmation in 1999 that I’ve repeated each day. The affirmation was Fresh Content Daily. That was the simple goal set […]

Chiropractic Domain Acquisitions

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Planet Chiropractic added two chiropractic related domains yesterday, to a list of acquisitions made over the course of the past few months. The first was a chiropractic website for chiropractor Brandon Takahashi of Takahashi Chiropractic in West Los Angeles. I had built a chiropractic website for him back in 2001, which featured information for his then Malibu office and chiropractic office in West LA. Like I’ve seen lots of other chiropractors do, Dr. Takahashi didn’t renew his domain, and it was deleted from the registry as a result. This is something I see chiropractors do far […]

Keyphrases used on search engines

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. “Keyphrases used on search engines” is what the title bar reads when I’m checking log files for I discussed a similar topic, top 10 search keyphrases, a few weeks ago. In that post, all of the terms consisted of more than two words, except for the term chiropractic. The list of phrases I’m going to address here are from the month of June 2008 log files, but they are not necessarily ones from the top 10 (which doesn’t change often). 1. planet chiropractic — That’s a popular search term that results in visitors to the […]

Career and Contininuing Edu

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I’m at an internet conference in Santa Clara today and someone from the platform was speaking about image in search. They were saying that sometims people find articles based on image searches and that people should be paying closer attention to the images that exist inside their content. I performed some searches on articles appearing on Planet Chiropractic and our Blog Pages to see which articles may be getting additional traffic as a result of the photos imbededded into the posts. The first article I found was about Career Nights for people seeking to become chiropractors. […]

The news is in on the Tour de France with Alberto Contador, the 24 year-old cyclist for American Discovery Channel, claiming victory. Contador beat his closest competitor by only 23 seconds, the second narrowest time recorded in the tour’s history. You can read Planet Chiropractic coverage related to the tour here: 2007 Tour de France Chiropractic Can you believe that today marks 20 years of shark week on the Discovery Channel? We don’t have any shark related chiropractic news but it’s become traditional to see shark related stories in the news around the same time the Tour de France completes, […]

OK, so things have been slow. Not for me, but on these pages. Things are coming online soon, I promise. Some cool features here involve the use of RSS. You can use Internet Explorer 7.0 and click on any of the RSS links or click “subscribe” at the top of this page (on your browser bar) and can then add content from the chiropractic blog pages to your active bookmarks. More on RSS and how it is being used at Planet Chiropractic coming up. Update: You can subscribe to the Planet Chiropractic XML Chiropractic News RSS feed here.

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By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Once upon a time there was nearly nothing available on CD in the world of Chiropractic Philosophy. As a chiropractic student of the early 1990s, most of what we listened to was on audio cassette tape and sometimes VHS video. In the mid 1990s I set out to change that by digitally recording a talk by Dr. James Sigafoose and making it available on CD and via mp3 download. I’ll have a link to the mp3 file here but the CD is no longer available for purchase, although it was a beautifully created product (for the […]

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2000 and a Chiropractic Year in Review

January 01, 2001 (or 010101) My Perspective By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Enjoy our first featured article of 2001. Join us as we look back on the incredible chiropractic year that has just past. This article is a great way to test-drive many of our new features and view our new site design. Thank you for your continued support, which makes all this possible. Remember Y2K? I remember it well. I spent the week before the New Year searching for bugs in our computer systems. I was especially concerned about our news service, as we had thought the news articles might […]

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