By Michael Dorausch, D.C. It’s that time of year again (2011 went by lightening fast) to get your chiropractic office decorated for the December holiday season. Having been practicing at the same location in Los Angeles for nearly 10 years now, we’ve accumulated quite a bunch of Christmas decorations (more get added each year). Each year it is tradition in our office to put up Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. Christmas Cards from Chiropractic Patients An easy way to fill the office with joy is by saving the Christmas cards patients send to your office each year. For the […]

Chiropractic Office Design Fundamentals

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Sometimes the most basic things are overlooked when we are developing any kind of business space. I’ve taken photographs in various chiropractic offices for about the past 15 years, and there are significant differences as well a similarities, when it comes to chiropractic office design. This week Planet Chiropractic is working on some of the fundamentals to be discussed with each chiropractic office presentation. For example, with each chiropractic office we do a piece on, we’d like to include data such as square footage, whether the structure is freestanding or part of an office building, leased […]

Chiropractic Office Design

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Tips for developing a chiropractors adjusting space. How should I design my chiropractic office? That is a question that nearly every chiropractor will ask themselves at least one time in their chiropractic careers. There are more ways to answer this question then there are chiropractors. Rather than creating a single article on the topic, we’ve developed a section dedicated to the discussion of chiropractic office design. Many of the design ideas and fundamentals going into the creation of a chiropractic office will be similar to many other service industry types of office design. There are basic […]

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