Chiropractors Energy Drink

by Michael Dorausch, DC Chiropractors tend to be healthy people and you’ll often hear us talking about things like nutrition, vitamins, chlorella, sea salts, exercise, and such. Sometimes people wonder if we ever eat candy, consume alcohol, or eat fast food. It depends on the chiropractor, but most that I know of tend to limit activities such as eating fast food or consuming alcohol to weekend events, or sometimes only monthly events. This photo was taken outdoors at the Gordon Biersch on Mill Avenue in Tempe Arizona, and it’s proof that I’m living up to my commitment of celebrating Oktoberfest […]

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Elizabeth Hurley does a GOD Whammy!

by Michael Dorausch, DC Elizabeth Hurley is getting some press this week and having her name appear in Google Hot Trends. I’m not yet quite sure why but I just noticed a dailystab blogpost of Hurley in a t-shirt she was photographed wearing, earlier last week. Elizabeth is my favorite Chirodelic Chiropractor, appearing as Dr. Ann Beamer, in the film Double Whammy, which she co-starred in with super funny actor Denis Leary. Did not realize how long ago that film was made. Planet Chiropractic had a post about it (Elizabeth Hurley, D.C.) in June of 2000, and then again in […]

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No Human Bones in AP News Photos

by Michael Dorausch, DC There was a photographer from the Associated Press (AP) at my Los Angeles chiropractic office earlier today who was taking photos for an article that is going to appear somewhere in the news in the next couple of weeks. I had to get to the office early and move some items around because yesterday I spoke to a photo representative from AP and he said they didn’t want to see any human bones in photographs. I hadn’t noticed how many bones there were in the office until after I heard that statement. I was looking around […]

Van Halen Tour Dates Include Toronto, Chicago & LA

by Michael Dorausch, DC We knew the announcement was coming, and now it is official, Van Halen is back on tour in 2007 with Diamond David Lee Roth back at the helm of frontman! Tickets for tour dates are going on sale this Saturday via Tour dates are… 9/27 – Charlotte, NC – Charlotte Bobcats Arena 9/29 – Greensboro, NC – Greensboro Coliseum 10/1 – Philadelphia, PA – Wachovia Center 10/7 – Toronto, ON – Air Canada Centre 10/10 – Cleveland, OH – Quicken Loans Arena 10/14 – Indianapolis, IN – Conseco Field House 10/16 – Chicago, IL – […]

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Real Webmasters Eat Cheeseburgers

by Michael Dorausch, DC I was about to do a post about going local when having a website built for a chiropractic office when I located this cheeseburger photograph in my Picassa2 browser. That’s no ordinary cheeseburger. I forget how big the hamburger patty was but it looks a half pound or more to me. There’s plenty of yellow American cheese, plenty of ketchup, and even a white bread sesame seed bun. All ingredients were purchased at the local Costco and cooked up on a nice and hot George Foreman grill (love those grills). You can see some LCD monitors […]

Matt Cutts Deserves Chiropractic

by Michael Dorausch, DC Like many people involved in SEO, Matt Cutts is a hard-working individual. Matt works for Google and he is currently the head of the company’s website spam team. I suspect it’s not easy being the #2 Matt in the world (Matt Mullenweg of WordPress is #1) but that’s not likely the cause for Matts recently tweaked back. I had the opportunity to meet Matt just a few weeks ago while attending WordCamp in San Francisco. I wrote an article about the posture of some of the camps attendees (395 reasons for chiropractic care) as it’s been […]

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Chiropractic Television

An interesting pattern has been emerging on the major television networks in the USA. According to a news report on Planet Chiropractic, Monday night featured 3 prime time TV shows that involved actors playing roles as chiropractors. The shows (in order they appeared for broadcast) are Everybody Hates Chris, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and Two and a Half Men. All 3 shows are filmed in Los Angeles, CA. Everybody Hates Chris is filmed on the Paramount Studios lot @ 5555 Melrose Ave in Hollywood. The other two, The New Adventures of Old Christine and Two and a Half […]

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Potential Content is Everywhere

Yesterday I posted an article to Planet Chiropractic News titled Live Subluxation Free or Die Hard. The article was about Bruce Willis, his 4th Die Hard film (opening tomorrow), and chiropractic. People sometimes ask where I get this stuff. Do we call an agent for Bruce Willis? Did someone from his promotional office call us? Nope. Most of the time, nearly all the articles I tend to cover come out of the ether. This one went like this… I was running on the beach in Santa Monica Sunday afternoon. As is typical, a million things felt like they were downloading […]