312 Dollar Yellow Page Directory Listing

Often times small business owners (chiropractors) receive solicitations by mail that appear to be bills for advertising. Directory listings for “Yellow Pages” types of companies have for years been notorious for sending these mailings. Business owners beware, nearly 100% of these are not bills but rather a solicitation for goods or services. I feel they are a huge waste of money but I imagine the practice could be extremely lucrative for a directory company. I scanned one I recently received at my ADIO Chiropractic office and wanted to share it with you. I divided into 4 sections below. Here is […]

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Celebrity SEO Marketing by Rey Valentin

Help, I can’t be found online! Recently I received a hand signed letter from Rey Valentin of Celebrity SEO Marketing. I can’t recall ANY of my SEO friends ever sending me a hand written letter (you bastards). Well, Rey Valentin must have thought it important to contact me, and take the time to sign his letter by hand, and even hand address the envelope. I’m already getting the feeling he’s a special kind of SEO. Take a read through what he sent and let me know what you think. Rey Valentin – 1040 N. Kenmore Ave. #403, Los Angeles, CA […]

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I’ve recently been enjoying reading and studying two different directories I’ve acquired for the city of Los Angeles, published in the years 1915 and 1916. These books were the beginning of what later became known to most of us as the Yellow Pages and I’ve been fascinated with the near century old ancestry of local search, advertising (especially for chiropractic schools and chiropractors), and vision that these individuals had. Association of American Directory Publishers The scanned page shown above is from a 1916 directory for the city of Los Angeles. The books were not prominently known […]

Racecar Driving Chiropractic Business Card

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Chiropractor James Von Hipple was visiting my chiropractic office in Los Angeles recently and he left this business card by the front desk. I had not seen it at first, we like keeping a collection of cards for other chiropractors practicing in Southern California (actually we like keeping cards for pretty much anywhere chiropractors are practicing) so that we can refer to other doctors when people are moving, traveling, or have requests for chiropractors to take care of their friends and family. I thought the card looked like it belonged to a race car driver, but […]

4 Business Cards from Georgia

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I picked up some chiropractic business cards while on campus at Life University in Marietta Georgia a few weeks ago and I have been meaning to post some of those cards here. I must have a few thousand chiropractor business cards in my collection at this point. Even so, I still prefer going online and searching for chiropractors, rather than sifting through piles of business cards tucked away inside a shoe box somewhere in my home. Vida Chiropractic Center – Kennesaw Georgia The first card comes from Kennesaw Georgia, and I received it from Dr. Andres […]

10 Business Card Chiropractor Saturday

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I’m at a chiropractor conference in Tempe Arizona (big ASU game going on today next door to hotel I’m at) and I’ve already received a stack of new business cards from chiropractors across the country. Lot’s of docs have figured out that when they give me new cards I often post the info when it’s fresh stuff or something I really like. This morning a chiropractor in Columbia Illinois gave me a stack of 10 Chiropractic Business Cards, he’s ready to roll for 2010! Dr. Laurie Robert Mestdagh and his 2010 business cards Dr. Laurie didn’t […]

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Marketing Chiropractic Practice For Sale Tips

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I came across a great advertisement listing of a Practice For Sale in Asheville NC yesterday. As I read through the ad (I’ll show it here) I was reminded about good use of granular terms but I caught a few addition things that could have been done. We’ll go over some of those tips after you look at the ad body. The ad was posted to the classifieds and it wasn’t the typical, short on information, practice for sale ad. You can see the ad here although it may not appear if content is deleted after […]

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I had three different chiropractors call me (actually they called my staff and I haven’t called them back) during the past week regarding ordering plastic spine keychains ( <–see the ones we use for ADIO chiropractic here) for chiropractic offices. There were some chiropractors that had called me the week before that as well, so I figure they must be looking for these custom-made keychains online, and not finding the information for ordering. I believe there are several companies making the custom molded plastic keychains but I did find the information for the company that I […]

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Chiropractic Yellow Pages December 2004

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I was throwing away some old files today when I came across some printing proofs I received from a yellow pages marketing company back in 2004. The advertisement was to appear in the alternative medicine and health practitioner category of the LA Westside Yellow Pages book. I believe the sales rep sent me four different advertisements, none of which I used. If I find a copy of the ad we did run, I’ll post a link here. Here is a scan of the advertisement that was prepared… NO DRUGS, NO SURGERY, JUST RESULTS! Dr. Michael Dorausch […]

2008 Holiday Chiropractic Postcards

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of postcards and postcard marketing for not only chiropractic businesses, but for other small businesses as well. Sending postcards was on my list of 23 surefire small-business marketing techniques for 2008, and I’ll be recommending postcards for 2009 as well. I received two postcards yesterday from two different California chiropractors and I wanted to share them both here. The first one comes from Capitol Chiropractic in Sacramento, and it features seasons greetings from 3 wonderful ladies (I’ve never actually met Angela Basset but I’m a pushover for big […]