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Work Stress Subluxates Your Body

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There was an article on Wednesday’s BBC news page about work stress causing changes in the body. The news coverage was of a study that showed findings indicating that a stressful job has a direct biological impact on the body and raising the risk of heart disease.

405 freeway Los Angeles Don’t believe stress causes physical changes? Spend a few hours a day sitting in traffic on the Los Angeles 4o5 freeway, and then another eight to 10 hours at work, spending a couple of more hours in congested traffic, on your way home. That results in some serious physical manifestation of stress, which often presents itself as a chiropractic vertebral subluxation.

Stress is no foreign term to the practice of chiropractic. San Diego County chiropractor, Dr. Darrel Crain, wrote an article about stress management and freeway driving. In it he talks about the body and how it adapts to stress, thanks to the expression of the body’s innate intelligence.

Chiropractor Sharon Gorman authored an article about being too blessed to be stressed. She talked about focusing on one’s blessings, and the good that comes from what we focus on.

In December of 2006 I author an article about stressed college students seeking chiropractic when preparing for final exams. Midterms and final examinations can bring on some major stress for college and university students.

Stressed-out worker Kristin Sheimer authored an article in 2006 about why all workers need regular chiropractic care. She talked about her misfortune of being one of over 50 million people in the US that suffer from chronic pain, and the one thing she found that helped manage it.

Darrel Crain also talked about stress on the immune and nervous system when ingesting the wrong foods, like hormone saturated bovine glandular secretions, a.k.a. cow’s milk. Crain asks does milk do a body that much good?

There are a zillion things you can do to help decrease emotional and physical stress. Find a chiropractor and get to work on a critical component to being healthier.

WGA Strike Affecting Stress Levels

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m not the only chiropractor in West LA that has been effected by the writers strike. I’ve spoken to a number of my colleagues and have heard similar reports: an increase in office visits the first two weeks of the strike, a decrease in visits to studios and filming locations, a growing number of stress related complaints from those working in the industry (not necessarily writers).

adjusting with poodles

In the beginning several of our patients were excited about the time off, with some even bringing their poodles along for visits, since they were out doing errands instead of working 16 hour days.

Last week many of those that work in the film industry began telling me they were leaving Los Angeles for the holidays and would not be returning until the strike was over. These are the welders, painters, property masters, prop makers, and others that own homes and/or have family in places like Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and other nearby states.

I did not realize how many people lived in LA for work only who had primary residences in other states. That’s got to be affecting businesses that relied on traffic from those who have left town for the holidays (and after).

I wrote about it last month but it’s more apparent now, many LA based businesses are intertwined in the industries of entertainment and media, and we are beginning to feel the effects.

I had someone this morning use the term Holiday Stress Allergy Syndrome as she was feeling the stress of less work, preparing for the pending Christmas week, cleaning the home for guests, and shopping in the rain (two days of rain now in SoCal).

One of our patients from the Local 44 mentioned that some may not get enough hours logged to qualify for health benefits in 2008. For those with families, that can mean additional stress.

It’s easier said then done but if you are in the film industry, rely on the film industry, or have family/friends in the industry, getting stressed is not going to help your situation.

I’m about as biased as you can get on visiting your chiropractor regularly to unstress your spine so you know I’m giving a thumbs up to that activity. Beyond that, I’d suggest you do something that’s productive, does not increase your stress levels, and gets you in good spirits. Make the most of this time and enjoy the holiday season.

All the best!

Spanish Chiropractic Articles

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A Chiropractor from West Palm Beach Florida, Dr. Edwin Cordero, has authored a number of chiropractic articles in Spanish. About a dozen of those articles appeared on Planet Chiropractic around 2002 and 2003, and some in 2004. I was checking search logs earlier today and noticed evidence of people seeking chiropractic related content in Spanish so I put together a list of some of Dr. Cordero’s chiropractic posts. All of the articles below are in Spanish and range in topics from the discussion of innate intelligence to being responsible for one’s own health.

Es Mi Salud Mi Responsabilidad?

La Inteligencia Innata

Proposito Quiropractico

Mi Vision Quiropractica

Es Mi Salud Mi Prioridad

Tu Salud Es Tu Responsabilidad

Comparte Tus Experiencias Con Otros

Existe Una Inteligencia Dentro De Ti

Dr. Edwin Cordero is a 1993 graduate of Life Chiropractic College in Marietta Georgia. He practices in the state of Florida and he’s one of those chiropractors that lives what he teaches. He’s been incredibly inspirational to myself and to a great number of other chiropractors. I remember being on a chiropractic humanitarian trip in Costa Rica and the two of us were adjusting during an insane rainstorm. Good times. If you are seeking chiropractic information available in Spanish, the above articles make a great resource.

Midwives and Home Births

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Midwifery, a term traditionally used to describe the art of assisting a woman through childbirth, is a practice that is often closely associated with chiropractic care through a woman’s pregnancy.

Someone called me today seeking out a midwife in the Santa Monica area, and they motivated me to do some searching through planet chiropractic news archives, in hopes of finding some related midwife content. Here is what I came across…

A July 2006 Attended Births article by Darrel Crain (chiropractor in San Diego). Darrel writes… Babies, it has been discovered, are a major cause of children. This is the conclusion reached by researchers after careful observation and replication of identical results in virtually every corner of the globe. The cause of babies themselves is certainly a stimulating and controversial topic on its own, but we shall modestly postpone that discussion for the time being.

A March 2001 Fellow Midwives article by Stew Bittman (chiropractor in South Lake Tahoe). Stew writes… Having just watched a video of hospital births, put out by Jeanne Ohm, D.C., and nearly losing my lunch, I have a clearer than ever understanding of the horrible impact of birth trauma on our world. There has never been a more critical time for both professions to remember their own principles. What would the world be like if the principle of midwifery was applied to childbirth, and then the principle of chiropractic was applied to the rest of life’s transitions?

A December 1999 blip of an article regarding midwives. Source pages are coming up dead so I’m checking for fresh links.

An August 2006 Having Babies article by Darrel Crain. Darrel writes… Perhaps they missed this report: $13 to $20 billion a year could be saved in health care costs by demedicalizing childbirth, developing midwifery, and encouraging breastfeeding, according to Frank Oski, M.D., Director of the Department of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Isn’t saving money profitable?

I also came across this 2006 article regarding flu vaccination and pregnant moms and then there was an article from October of 2007 that involved me interviewing a mom who had her second child at home.

Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was just speaking to someone in my LA chiropractic office about receiving chiropractic care and pregnancy. Actually, I was more listening and they were talking about what a great experience they had getting chiropractic adjustments throughout the time they were pregnant. Afterwards I decided to check Planet Chiropractic and see what resources there were on the topic of pregnancy.

Among articles there was one from 2002 by Jeanne Ohm titled: Greater Comfort and Safer Births. Jeanne says… Chiropractic care in pregnancy is an essential ingredient to your pre-natal care choices. A large percent of all pregnant women experience back discomfort/pain during pregnancy. This is due to the rapid growth of the baby and an interference to your body’s normal structural adaptations to that growth.

Then there is an article simply titled Pregnancy and Chiropractic and authored by Canadian chiropractor Martha Collins. Martha says… Adjusting women through pregnancy is one of the most rewarding parts of our work, because a healthier pregnancy means an easier labor and delivery, and a better transition for the baby into this life.

I also was reminded of a recent interview with Jennifer Laycock of The Lactivist (some great articles and products for moms). Jennifer says… When I got pregnant the second time, that same pain came back full force at about 4 months in. I immediately began seeing a chiropractor to help with the pain. I had regular adjustments all through my pregnancy and ended up going nearly every week the last month or two.

Among the articles I searched was an older piece of news from 2001 regarding Pregnancy and the Dangers of Aspirin and commentary by Darrel Crain in a 2006 article regarding ultrasound during pregnancy.

Just had a new patient pregnant mom in my office while I was completing this piece. I Love when that happens!

I’ll wrap up with one semi related article titled: DCs in the Delivery Room which was authored by Dr. Karen Bagnell and published in 2003.

Paying Too Much for Health Care

Dorausch By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Are You Paying Too Much for Health Care?” was on the title of a fax I received earlier today. I receive all kinds of junk e-mails, faxes, and direct mailings from companies pushing everything from custom orthotics, multi-level marketing supplement sales, real estate investment schemes, and a long laundry list of ways I can grow a chiropractic practice without ever doing anything related to chiropractic (like running a weight-loss clinic).

I thought this fax was funny because it came to our office, and it’s kind of focused on some kind of health care plan that suggests making chiropractic care more affordable. After the title question of asking if I pay too much for health care, the fax goes on saying: Call now, enrollment is limited for this unbelievable health-care plan!

Apparently this great plan has $25 doctor visits (that’s doctor of chiropractic visits) as long as you pay $200 a month (if you’re single) and $300 a month (if you’re a couple). The offer goes on to explain that the members of this unbelievable health-care plan will pay only $25 out-of-pocket for chiropractic care visits.

I wonder how many visits this plan is limited to. I may have to actually call them and find out some more information. On second thought, the fax is going in the trash. I doubt this payment offer would be limited to one month. Figuring you are a single individual you’d likely have to pay for at least one year (this is my guess) and that would run you $2400. On top of that, you’d have to pay $25 per visit for each visit to the chiropractor. Now let’s imagine you went for a chiropractic visit every week, for 52 weeks (I’m betting there are limitations that would disallow you to go this frequently). Your $25 payment would add up to $1300 on top of your already spent $2400, for a total of $3700 for once a week chiropractic care. Divide the $3700 by 52 and you have an average visit of $71.15.

That is an unbelievable health-care plan, it’s unbelievable that anyone would actually consider it. I’m not going to go into different fees chiropractors charge for an adjustment visit (each is entitled to set their own fees as they see fit), but I believe it would be safe to suggest that few are charging over $70 per visit for someone who is receiving chiropractic care on a once a week basis.

Plans like these just crack me up. To my knowledge, they are not insurance plans, they are just some sort of association member plan, that sucks $200 or $300 a month out of your bank account. You can easily be paying a chiropractor directly and get great care for you and your family, all at a reasonable and affordable fee.

Interested in discovering a chiropractor near you? If you’re in the United States, take a few minutes to browse through listings for local chiropractors in your part of the nation. I am always happy when you tell them you saw their name listed on Planet Chiropractic, but that’s not as important as getting your spine checked for vertebral subluxation.

Best of health to you!

Drug Fatalities Numbers Up Both Pushed and Prescribed

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Looks like numbers related to drug deaths on illegal narcotics are up, just as they are on reports of increased adverse effects and deaths from prescription and over the counter (OTC) meds.

Daria from Planet Chiropractic took an interesting look in comparing news from today relating Britney Spears stories to Deadly Drug Stories. The comparisons are interesting and right in line with a suggestion made by a lead author in the report the article is based on.

Just moments ago I noticed a Scotsman news article with headlines… Drug fatalities leap 37% with at least one death every day. According to the article, the death toll from drugs has “reached record levels and there is no sign of any slowdown.”

In Australia, authorities in August issued a public warning over the illegal street drug para-methoxyamphetamine (PMA), or “Red Mitsubishi“, following the death of a 20-year-old New South Wales man, and 20-year-old Sydney woman.

Chiropractic for Healthy Blood Pressure

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There’s been plenty of articles circulating the Internet and appearing in numerous healthcare publications, since a recent research study regarding chiropractic adjustments and the lowering of blood pressure, began appearing in the news media.

chiropractor-atlas-blood-pressureSomeone brought a June 2007 magazine article to my office, bringing this particular topic to my attention again. The article suggests that just one upper cervical adjustment visit to a chiropractor could result in a blood pressure drop equal to taking two hypertension medications at once, that according to research from the University of Chicago Medical Center.

According to the article, the study focused on an upper cervical adjustment, targeting the first bone in the neck, also known as the Atlas vertebrae, and often referred to by many chiropractors as the most critical vertebrae to be adjusted, when seeking to improve one’s health and wellbeing.

The article says that the research study involved 50 participants, all who had a history of high blood pressure. In the study, half of the people received an upper cervical standardized chiropractic adjustment, and the other half received a sham treatment.

According to the research, eight weeks after the adjustments were made, those who had a genuine Atlas vertebrae adjustment, showed an average 14 mm Hg drop in systolic blood pressure, and an average of 8 mm Hg drop in diastolic blood pressure.

The study’s authors apparently didn’t discuss how aligning the Atlas vertebrate may lower blood pressure, but past research has shown that injury to the top bone in the neck can decrease blood flow in the arteries at the base of the skull.

This comes as nothing new to chiropractors, but it’s nice to continue to see research studies on the topic. I remember being in hospitals in Panama City, Panamá, as part of a volunteer program that provided free chiropractic care to the people of that country, and having medical doctors fascinated by the changes seen in blood pressure, after a single chiropractic adjustment to the first bone in the neck. On one particular trip I made to that country, with a group called the CREW, the director of medicine at a large hospital in Panamá, would have himself, his staff, and every patient in the hospital, receive a chiropractic checkup, and adjustment if needed, each day.

Interesting how health care is different when you remove political boundaries.

Health Care Concerned with the Well-Being of Human Kind

By Dr. James W. Gregg

Chiropractic: Health Care Concerned with the Well-Being of Human Kind, Mind, Body and Spirit
July 24, 2001

“Chiropractic, in its scientific simplicity, is the link between the internal wisdom of life and the body.” This quote from Dr. Sid Williams, president of LIFE University in Georgia, couldn’t be more true. Chiropractic is based on the absolute science that every function in the human body is directed and coordinated by the nervous system. It is through this science that we know without a doubt that the body is a self healing and self regulating organism that knows how to heal itself from inside the same way it knew how to grow from 2 cells into organs, glands, muscles, joints, eyes, ears and eventually into you.

The Power that made the body heals the body. The body heals itself through the communication of the nervous system to the tissues in your body and guiding the correcting of any problems with the building of new tissue. It will do this as long as there is no interference in the nerve flow to the tissues in question. The chiropractor’s primary goal is to help the body tap into this amazing, internal healing wisdom by removing interferences to this nervous system called “subluxations”, which are changes in the dynamics of the bones of the spine, choking, stretching or irritating the delicate nerve tissues.

The results of subluxations cause sickness and symptoms in the tissues where these nerves go. For some the symptom is headaches, in others it is back pain, others Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Asthma. In children, subluxations may cause a block in the draining of the ear and cause ear infections. If a Subluxation is left uncorrected it can affect the structure and function of the joints of the spine, and thus lead to Scoliosis, or start the cycle of Spinal Arthritis.

Subluxations like viruses, can happen at anytime. They can be caused by repetitive strain injury, sports injuries, prolonged sitting at a desk or computer or long drives and more. Stress and the physical tension it creates can subluxate the spine. Roger Sperry won the Nobel Prize for showing that 90% of our brain energy is spent dealing with the forces of gravity. The way we run, walk, sit and sleep are always affected by gravity, and the spine bears the most of this and can become subluxated if it has a stress put on it.

Many subluxations however are caused in childhood and show up as problems later in life. Learning to walk and falling, bumping the spine can cause subluxations, and many times the Birth Trauma, of the delivery pulling on the neck or forceps can cause lifetime spinal problems. Chiropractors are trained to detect and correct subluxations with specific Chiropractic adjustments. The adjustment is a specific low force intended to re-align the vertebrae, thus removing the nerve interference and restoring proper function of the spine. It is gentle, and is completely drug free. Three years of university education, and an additional four years of intense training in an accredited chiropractic college is what a chiropractor achieves to become a doctor of chiropractic.

Chiropractic is for all ages and a healthy spine and nervous system is a priority today, for healthier tomorrows. Recent published reports demonstrate the harmful effect of drugs used by the traditional medical approach to deal with symptoms. Forbes Magazine in January 1998 reported that “Tylenol Kills More people per year than Cocaine!” The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that “180,000 die each year from drug or doctor induced injury, the equivalent of 3 jumbo jet crashes every 2 days!” (Dec. 1994). Masking problems with dangerous drugs can be harmful to your health, and does nothing to enhance your quality of life.

Chiropractic is clearly an effective and safe, drug-free approach to better health. When we are feeling ill our mind body says “I can’t”, and our happiness, vitality, enjoyment of life and people, work and play, and relationships all suffer. When we are healthy, we attract new opportunities and possibilities. We have energy to play, to work, to give or to share with others. Illness costs our lives in so many ways. Healing with Chiropractic pays in so many ways by optimizing your health and quality of life.

At Gregg Family Chiropractic we believe in building a relationship with our patients, and becoming a ‘Health Coach’ , educating our patients about health and wellness, mind, body and spirit. Helping our patients live pain free, healthy lives by maximizing health with a healthy spine and nervous system is our mission. Visit your local chiropractor, or come see us. We would like to help you on the journey to better health, vitality and quality of life.

Chiropractic; health care concerned with the well-being of human kind, mind, body and spirit.

James W. Gregg, D.C.
Gregg Family Chiropractic
Waterloo, ON

James W. Gregg, D.C. practices in Waterloo, Ontario. Dr. Gregg is a board member of the Chiropractic Awareness Council.

Subluxation, Stretching & Chiropractic

By Martha Collins, D.C.

A woman came in on Friday the 13th in agony–her spine was so subluxated that she could hardly get on the table for her adjustment. “I have been doing my stretches, I’ve been good–I don’t know what happened,” she said. In the interest of helping you stay away from this same fate the next Friday the 13th, we decided to devote this article to stretching and its relationship to your adjustments.

A common misconception that many people have is that stretches correct subluxations and can replace adjustments. Stretching allows your muscles to relax, allowing better range of motion, decreased tension, and a feeling of well-being.

woman stretching

This woman’s last adjustment was February 2000, and although she was diligent at doing her stretching homework, she had forgotten how important adjustments are for her nervous system to overcome the stresses she is under as she goes through the course of her life. Adjustments are designed to correct the underlying subluxations acquired through exposure to physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual stress. Adjustments remove interference from the nervous system so that we can be more connected in our body, mind and spirit.

Stretches can reduce the tension in the muscles of our bodies, but they cannot overcome the influence of subluxations once they are present. Stretches can help adjustments “hold” better, sometimes longer, particularly if you are in an occupation where you spend time doing repetitive movement patterns. This woman’s career necessitates spending most of her day in front of a computer–and over a seven or eight-hour period consider how much stretching is required to overcome and reverse that negative postural influence. It simply can’t be done.

When a subluxation is present for many years, as you know, it leads to underlying degenerative changes in the joints, discs and holding tissues of the spine–osteoarthritis. Think of degenerative spurs on an x-ray like stalactites and stalagmites in a cave–they take many years to form. For spurs to form in the spine and be seen on a radiograph, it can take anywhere from 20-40 years (phase 2). This is why when we review your x-rays we want you to understand how long the underlying problem was there–the subluxation–that was the seed for the progressive degeneration–before the damage is even perceived. The joints of the spine receive their nutrition through movement of the synovial fluid that bathes the cartilage of the joints with nutrition. If a spinal joint is locked, (or subluxated) not only does the nervous system shut down, but that joint cannot receive its proper nutrition. The end result is a public that believes a degenerative spine is due to the natural aging process over which we have no control.

Let’s say there is a door in your grandmother’s house that isn’t used much–our grandmother had one that went into the attic. If the hinges of the door aren’t used often, the lubricative effect of the oil in the hinge decreases. It begins to dry out, break down and the hinge becomes sticky and squeaky due to disuse. The joints of our body work much the same way–the old adage if you don’t use it you’ll lose it is certainly true in this regard. Regular adjustments help the joints stay healthy, arrest further degenerative change and in many cases, reverse it by allowing the synovial fluid of the joints to bring nutrition to the cartilage.

You see, in our culture, we were never taught how to take good care of our spine and our nervous systems. We learned how to look after our teeth, our cars, the stain on our decks, but not the lifeline to every cell in our bodies! Daily stretching, or yoga (even better because through breathing, it mandates present-time consciousness) helps the spine stay supple between adjustments, gives us an opportunity to relax and meditate and helps us feel better. Stretching is like flossing your teeth–the more we adhere to good dental hygiene between visits, the better report we get from our dentist and hygienist at our check-ups. With stretching between visits, the better your adjustments will be and the healthier you will be!

And in the end, that’s why I became a Chiropractor–to help you be well.

Let’s face it–here’s the bitter reality. No one ever told you to take care of your spine from birth to death. Correcting and better yet preventing the degenerative changes as a result of a lack of Chiropractic hygiene may not always win the popular vote in our culture (YET!). However, innately, it makes sense.

Dr. Martha Collins is a Family Chiropractor practicing in Kingston, Ontario with her husband Dr. Carl Weber. She is committed to spreading the message of Chiropractic around the world so we can all lead healthier, happier lives.