Dr. Darrel Crain has been a contributing author to planet chiropractic news for the past few years. He’s done an incredible job and has continued to provide some great content for the web site. He gets quite a bit of e-mail from those reading his articles. An e-mail was sent to me which I forwarded on to him that was sent by a student at Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Crain and I both agree that the raw energy pouring out of new chiropractors is something to love. The student was hoping that “every chiropractor” would read the […]

by Dr. Adam Tanase, Upper Cervical Chiropractor The word semantics is defined, “The branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning.” As principled Chiropractors, you’ve participated in many debates and discussions regarding semantics within our profession. The most common is the difference between using the words “adjustment” and “manipulation.” Knowing that manipulate means “to control or influence cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously” certainly steers us away from using the word to describe anything about our beloved craft. Then there’s the semantics of the word “subluxation” versus that of “segmental dysfunction” or “fixation.” I, for one, argued endlessly in chiropractic school to […]

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