You Need Not Be Sick

In honor of Founder’s Day, a.k.a. the Birthday of Chiropractic, I am sharing this newspaper clipping from a chiropractic advertisement placed around 1919 in Los Angeles California. The title reads YOU NEED NOT BE SICK! Chiropractic adjustings release pressure off nerves, the cause of all sickness. Conditions listed in the advertising include… Rheumatism Asthma Bronchitis Lumbago Neuralgia Stomach, Spleen, Liver and Eye Troubles High Blood Pressure Nervous and Skin Disorders Constipation Headaches Neuritis Catarrh Deafness Paralysis Hayfever Chiropractors of today may notice that there is no mention of neck pain, sciatica, low back pain (instead lumbago is used), or scoliosis. […]

Go Green with Kentucky Chiropractic

History has been made in Kentucky! Elizabethtown, KY – History is made for Chiropractic! The Kentucky Chiropractic Association (KCA) and the chiropractic community are celebrating the “Go Green with Chiropractic” official state license plate. This is the first plate in the country that is being made available to those that support chiropractic. The process called for the first 900 plates to be pre-sold before the plate went into production and was offered by the state as an official state license plate. The 900th “Go Green with Chiropractic” plate was purchased on Earth Day, 2012. “This is a monumental accomplishment for […]

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DALLAS — The Parker Alumni Association recently revised its bylaws to increase the number of members on its board of directors. After the change received 95% approval from members, the board has increased the number of members serving. Previously, the board of directors consisted of nine elected members and three ex officio members. Now, the board will consist of no less than nine elected members and three ex officio members. The increase stems from the need to expand the number of board members who can assist with association projects through expertise in a given area. Six new board members have […]

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Hayward, California — The Alumni Association of Life Chiropractic College West named Stephanie Williams, a first quarter senior from San Diego, California as its 2012 Student of the Year. Life Chiropractic College West 2012 Student of the Year (photo: Left to Right: Dr. Kim Khauv, Stephanie Williams, Dr. Brian Kelly) Ms. Williams decided to pursue the profession after working as a chiropractic assistant and falling in love with the chiropractic philosophy. During her time at Life West, she has been involved in several organizations including the IFCO, ICPA, ICA, CCA, F4CP, WCCS, Legion of Chiropractic Women, and has served as […]

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Hayward, California — The Life Chiropractic College Board of Regents set a target in late 2011 to raise $1.5 million by June 30.  The target was exceeded on the last day of the campaign.  In a YouTube video, Dr. Kelly conveyed a sincere thanks to all contributors to this campaign. Not only did we raise the $1.5 million but we exceeded it. An exciting part of this campaign was the people who came from all walks of life who contributed at levels we couldn’t have dreamed of.  We are very grateful and appreciative of their support. Dr. Kelly stated, “Not […]

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Hayward, California — On August 3 and 4, The Wave, a two-day seminar extravaganza hosted by Life Chiropractic College West, saw 1,300 delegates from local regions and as far abroad as New Zealand and Australia congregate at the Hyatt Regency, San Francisco Airport. In contrast to many conferences, numbers for The Wave 2012 exceeded last year’s program attendance by over 30%. The Wave attracted some of the most influential thought leaders. Leaders in their respective fields included Drs. Bruce Lipton, Joseph Mercola and Gary Null plus a ‘best of the best’ chiropractic line up including Drs. Joe Dispenza, Guy Reikeman, […]

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Hayward, California — On Friday, August 3, Dr. Joseph E. Awender II from Redwood City, was honored as 2012 Alumnus of the Year by the Life Chiropractic College West Alumni Association. The award recognized Dr. Awender’s outstanding service to the chiropractic profession and his community. He was honored at The Wave, a two-day seminar experience, held at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, California. A 1990 graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Awender II is a second generation Chiropractor with over 15 chiropractors in his extended family. Dr. Awender II serves on the Board of Regents and was recently instrumental […]

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