By Michael Dorausch, D.C. It’s been raining in Los Angeles, which has kept me indoors, so I’ve been reviewing photos taken throughout 2010. I have three different cameras I typically travel with, and after looking at photographs in December, I discovered I shot around 2000 images with my iPhone alone. I guess it’s true, chiropractors love their iPhones. Most photographs taken with a mobile device like an iPhone include location data when the image is saved as a JPEG file. I’ve talked about this quite a bit at chiropractic conferences, Internet conferences, and search engine optimization conferences. More so in […]

The Rock of Faith 1927

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I am an odd fellow when it comes to numbers and dates. I’ll find a coffee can from 1895, and think about how it was made the same year DD Palmer discovered chiropractic. I will see a stone marked 1897 on the front of a building, and be reminded that was the year Palmer Chiropractic College was founded in Davenport Iowa. A magazine from 1911 reminds me of the year a Chiropractic College was established in Los Angeles. So it was only natural, that while hiking in the middle of nowhere (actually among 865,000+ acres of […]