Month: July 2008

Meet a Chiropractor – Nick Baker of Modesto

Chiropractors have been practicing in the state of California since the early 1900s. While big cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Francisco, are home to a great number of chiropractors, one can find chiropractors practicing in nearly every city and county located within the state, including Stanislaus County. Modesto, California is located in the County of Stanislaus, and it’s the practice location for Dr. Nick J. Baker, a second-generation chiropractor.

Applied Chiropractic Nutrition Seminars

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Southern California chiropractors interested in nutrition, particularly those living and/or practicing in the Irvine, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Fountain Valley, and Newport Beach areas, may want this information on nutritional seminars taking place during two Thursdays in October.

The events feature Applied Chiropractic Nutrition with Jay Robbins, DC, DACBN, CCN and they involve 2 Sessions on Thursday Afternoons to make up 1 seminar.

Both sessions take place at the Atrium Hotel in Irvine, CA (located right outside the John Wayne Orange County Airport). More event details can be viewed here…

Part 1 – October 2, 2008
Part 2 – October 16, 2008

The Atrium Hotel in Irvine is located at 18700 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA 92612. To Register or For More Information Call: (760) 477-1778.

“How many times have you delivered the perfect adjustment just to find that the same subluxation patterns come back over and over again? In school we were taught all about the importance of the viscero-somatic reflex but not really how to address it. In this seminar you will learn a systematic approach to the viscero-somatic reflex. How to identify it and how to fix it!” – Jay Robbins, DC, DACBN, CCN

This is not a continuing education seminar series, and it is focused on nutrition rather than chiropractic adjustive technique.

Both dates take place at the same hotel which is conveniently located near an airport (see my post regarding conferences near airports).

I also received some flyers this past weekend regarding Quantum Reflex Analysis seminars and Neurological Therapy seminars. I would search the Planet Chiropractic event database for the most up-to-date information on these seminars (all are related to nutrition). I will post an update if I get more specific information on seminar locations across the US.

Chiropractic Team Cares for New York’s Homeless

There’s something about those New York chiropractors. Like others living in New York, we tend to paint them as abrasive and hard-edged, with a penchant for taking care of business in a swift and timely matter. A chiropractic adjustment delivered in a New York minute may differ greatly from a West Coast chiropractors hour and 45 minute wellness session, which may or may not include valet parking of ones Range Rover and a preparation of H2O infused with imported minerals, intended to improve cellular function (and introduce patients to the mlm downline).

Digital Pedometers for Walking and Measuring Steps

One of the easiest and most important forms of exercise is walking. And like any other type of exercise, performance tends to improve when that performance can be measured. A number of chiropractors recommend activities such as walking after one receives an adjustment. Chiropractors like Dr. Steve Visentin of Colorado, have taken things a step further by recommending (and even giving away) digital pedometers, so people can measure their distances walked, and take a more active role in personal health improvement.

Digital Pedometer Postcard from Dr. Steve V

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Colorado chiropractor, Dr. Steve Visentin, has mailed me another great postcard that was being sent to his practice members in the Denver area. I liked a lot of things about this postcard, but I especially liked the offer for a FREE pedometer. This is a win-win for everyone. A digital pedometer is great for helping someone keep track of their walking or running steps and getting to watch a friend or relative receive a chiropractic adjustment helps to educate those about chiropractic care.

The postcard is on extra-large stock so it would not appear properly in a blog post. I have cropped the important image from the back of the card and I also selected one of the six testimonials appearing on the front of the card. If you’re interested, you can view a full-size version of the postcard front here and back here.

If you want to see the postcard in its full-size look for the links above. The image above shows a cropped image featuring the pedometer. The text reads…

This Month’s Special

You will receive a free pedometer when a friend and/or relative watches your next adjustment. Pedometers count steps taken and approximate distances walked. Supplies are limited so come in SOON!

Get into Great Shape with Chiropractic!

These aren’t the first postcards featured from Dr. Steve. There is this postcards marketing post, and this automobile accident checklist (which was designed to be mailed as a postcard). I’ve been fortunate to spend a significant amount of time conversing with Dr. Visentin at conferences (like this Anaheim conference) and we’ve worked together during chiropractic missions to countries other than the U. S.

chiropractic postcard testimonial

The front of the postcard featured six different testimonials from chiropractic patients. Dr. Steve uses some really nice photographs and his marketing materials have always appeared to be top notch. The image here shows one of those six testimonials appearing on the front of the card. Again, check the links above, if you want to see the card in its full widescreen size.

I did not talk to Dr. V. about prices on Pedometers, but I found many resources online for bulk pedometer sales. I found wholesale pedometers advertised from $1.19 and up. I also found a number of different brands (such as Omron Pedometers or Bodytronics Pedometers) being sold in quantities ranging from 25 per order to 10,000 or more. Several companies also offered custom branding on pedometers.

In my opinion this is a great marketing technique for businesses other than chiropractors. Pedometers can be a great giveaway at marathons, 5K and 10K events, fitness businesses, health minded restaurants, and any other number of businesses wanting to portray a message of better health to their customers and clientele.

Thanks Dr. V. for sharing with us another great postcard from your chiropractic practice.

Meet a Chiropractor – Tim Swift of San Clemente

California is a popular state for practicing chiropractic (it’s the only state featuring four chiropractic schools) and you’re likely to find at least one chiropractor practicing in every coastal community found throughout the state. The city of San Clemente exists roughly halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles, and it’s the surfing and adjusting location of choice for Dr. Tim Swift of Swift Health Chiropractic.

2008 August Dynamic Essentials Chiropractic Event

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

When Daria posted news regarding seminars and conferences taking place in August and September, I noticed Dynamic Essentials (DE) was not mentioned for August events. DE has been taking place for many years and it features a magnetism that’s never been duplicated by any other chiropractic conference or seminar.

The early August weekend event is right around the corner and it’s not too late to get registered. DE is taking place at the Embassy Suites Centennial Olympic Park Hotel – 267 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA 30313 (all 2008 Dynamic Essentials events will take place at that location).

Some information about DE… Where there is no vision, there is no progress. “You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?”

At DE, you will get the vision first but you will also learn the intricate details of making your vision a reality. If you’ve been having problems, DE will help you “get your head on straight.”

When you learn that you are a highly creative individual capable of reaching your highest potential, you won’t need anything to bolster your practice. You will begin to realize that you-nothing else-are what is of importance.

Is your heart in your work? Do you REALLY care? You have in your brain and your hands a wonderful healing art. That’s 50%. You must contribute the other 50% with love and dedication. You must believe in yourself. You can be a great chiropractor but you “gotta have a dream.” Learn the BEST way to the TOP…Come to DE in August!

Early registration discounts available until August 1, 2008. Call 770 438-9949 for information and to register.

Here, you can listen to audio from a Dynamic Essentials dedication to Life West. Speakers for the August DE meeting include chiropractors Dan Abeckjerr, Dean Sottile, Joe Accurso, Walter Sanchez, Pete Amlinger, Michael O’Halleran, Bob Braile, Paula Hedglon, RJ Kelly, Stephen Judson, Brian Lieberman, Rob DiMartino, Pat McCarver, Aaron Rossi, Awais Butt, DD Humber, Nell Williams, Sid Williams and more.

Some more details are listed on the chiropractic seminar pages August 2008 DE event and some future dates for Dynamic Essentials include: Oct. 30 – Nov. 2, 2008, Jan. 29 – Feb. 1, 2009, August 13 – 16, 2009, May 28 – 31, 2009, Octpber 15 – 18, 2009. Contact the DE offices at 770-438-9949 for details regarding this and other events.

Westside Manhattan Chiropractic College

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Take a walk today down West 72nd Street in New York City (around the cross streets of Amsterdam and Broadway) and you may pass an Urban Outfitters, General Nutrition Center (GNC), Citibank, Sleepy’s Mattress Center, and many other businesses. But in July of 1920 a stroll past 245 W. 72nd St. would’ve taken you by newly purchased property owned by the New York College of Chiropractic.

245 W. 72nd St

I recently came across an old real estate report from June and July of 1920 that included some historical chiropractic information. Among sales listings for private dwellings was the selling of a five-story plus basement dwelling at 245 W. 72nd St in New York City.

The residence was owned by Maria Piel and it was sold to Max Carnot and Alfred Timon for a price of around $110,000.

Max and Alfred were listed as officers for the New York College of Chiropractic and according to the real estate report the premises were to be altered and used exclusively as a college of chiropractic.

The property was located about halfway between West End Ave and Broadway, on Manhattan’s West side. A walk down 72nd St. past Amsterdam Avenue would take one to Central Park West in a mere matter of minutes, offering one a lovely stroll in Central Park.

Today, turning right on Central Park West, that short stroll will take you to the New York Chiropractic office of Dr. Jay Handt and son (located at 91 Central Park West). It’s about a half-mile from the colleges historic location.

There is no longer a chiropractic school located in Manhattan but there are certainly plenty of New York Chiropractors in the city and throughout the state. If anyone has any more history on this New York location as a chiropractic school in the 1920s, I’d love to hear about it.

Chiropractors Knowing This Principle

And as chiropractors, knowing this principle, we have the amalgam that will bring all of the wellness world together. All of the exercise people, all of the nutrition people, all of the psychological people, all of the spiritually based people – when you apply the sciences of the world to a very simple principle that the body is a self-healing self-regulating organism, and that whatever your science is, when applied, should nurture that principle – we have a singleness of purpose. – Ian Grassam, Chiropractor

August and September Chiropractic Seminar Updates

Not many chiropractic conferences or seminars seem to take place during the month of July, as it is primarily a time for family and summer fun. The months of August and September feature several big seminars and conferences taking place throughout the United States. Locations like Dallas, New Jersey, Arizona, and California will all be host to events focused on chiropractic fellowship and education.