LA Chiropractic Office Circa March 2006

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I was speaking with Dr. James Von Hipple recently regarding a new chiropractic practice he will be opening soon in the Inland Empire, of California. James wanted to know if I had any pictures of chiropractic offices, so that he could get some ideas for layouts of his new space. I told him I had lots of photos, but I didn’t realize how many I actually had, until I began browsing a hard drive that had chiropractic photos on it (I have several). From what I can see, I have office photo archives of about 30 […]

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Venice Beach California Photo Slide Show

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Here is a brief set of photos (displayed in a slide show) taken around Venice Beach, California (90291). A few are also included from around the Pier in Santa Monica. Took these a while ago and just playing with some features to display images. Enjoy!

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Posting this for my friend Marc Hudson in Mallorca, Spain. Empowering chiropractors to transform their communities! ChiroEurope May Extravaganza! Europe’s Premier Principled Seminar and Coaching Service May 1-4, 2008 Porto Petro, Mallorca, Spain. We are returning for the 3rd year to the 5 star hotel: Blau Porto Petro Europe’s Biggest and Best Chiropractic Seminar is: “like water for a dry plant.” Dear fellow Chiropractor, It’s really easy to get off track in our profession, to lose the spark, to fall into a humdrum routine and begin to wonder why we ever became chiropractors in the first place. I’ve heard DC’s […]

Sample hedline goes here (news blooper)

by Michael Dorausch Spotted a blooper on the homepage of Google News tonight (Sunday). The top story title read: Sample hedline goes here Story was from the Atlanta Journal Constitution and it wasn’t a happy one. See screenshot below. Funny enough, a google search for Sample hedline goes here returns a number of results.

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Webster Technique Certification

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I’d been meaning to update information I received from a ICPA postcard regarding seminars upcoming in an area near you. The ICPA sent me a card with a reminder that so much depends on that very first adjustment. The card, from theICPA office in Media, Pennsylvani, says it’s time to increase your family practice skills! Numerous newborn, toddler and school aged children exam and techniques to suit your practice. Pregnancy care, protocols and adjusting including the Webster Technique Certification. ICPA seminar information can be found on their website, which is available here. ICPA certification is cosponsored […]

Thoughts on Ad Snippets and a Not to Do Tip

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I grabbed a screen shot earlier today of an ad appearing at the top of the chiropractic news page. It appeared as if it was supposed to be a banner ad or an image-based ad but it was horribly formatted. I shrunk the screen shot down so that I could fit it here but you can still get a good idea of what I’m talking about. Let’s take a look… You can see that this was meant to be someone’s face, but the original image was probably a fraction of the size needed to fill what […]

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By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I’ve covered this seven reasons topic before, but Dr. Darrel Crain asked if I’d cover it again, with a greater emphasis on chiropractic web sites. You’d think I’d be a big fan of the companies pushing chiropractic web site templates, but that’s not the case. Issues like horrible search engine optimization (SEO) methods, duplicate content, secret linking schemes (that profit the company making the template), and reliability on paid search (PPC) for traffic, are some of the reasons why I tell chiropractors to stay far away from most chiropractic website companies. I still think going local […]

A Blend of BarCamp Photos – BarCampLA-5

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. It’s Sunday morning and I’m still out at the AOL building in Beverly Hills for BarCampLA-5, a geek fest (see my intro post from earlier this week on BarCamp5) in currently sunny Southern California. This weekends venue is quite a contrast to the BarCampLA, which was held in the warehouse district of downtown LA. We are on the 3rd floor of the AOL building in an area that used to be housed by Maverick Records (Madonnas old label). I’m pulling these photos from Flickr, if you want to view all related (at least those tagged) browse […]