Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression San Jose

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Was that a chiropractor you were looking for? Sometimes I see the strangest advertising results. I am in Santa Clara California for a three-day Internet conference. As I often do while I’m in my hotel room, I’ve been doing research on local chiropractic advertising to see what’s popular in this area. I know that Dr. Gavin Carr is in the Palo Alto area but I’m not too familiar with what chiropractic offices are just outside my hotel room (Hyatt Regency on Great American Avenue), so I decided to do some online searching. I discovered two or […]

Career and Contininuing Edu

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I’m at an internet conference in Santa Clara today and someone from the platform was speaking about image in search. They were saying that sometims people find articles based on image searches and that people should be paying closer attention to the images that exist inside their content. I performed some searches on articles appearing on Planet Chiropractic and our Blog Pages to see which articles may be getting additional traffic as a result of the photos imbededded into the posts. The first article I found was about Career Nights for people seeking to become chiropractors. […]

I Still Like Dry Erase Boards

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I still like using dry erase boards to get my thoughts out where I can view them. I don’t know what it it but the whiteboard still does it for me. I’ve tried mindmaps and other computer based applications but I’m not sold yet. Starting looking online to order a new 8′ by 4′ magnetic board so I can get more thoughts up daily. I found two photos I took sometime last year and was amused by what I find myself writing. Webmasters and search people would get this stuff but it may look like gibberish […]

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. BarCampLA-5 is scheduled for next week, March 1 and 2, 2008, at the AOL Beverly Hills Campus in Los Angeles, California. I’m looking forward to attending my second Los Angeles based Barcamp (see Barcamp LA 4) and getting reconnected with other tech minded folks in the LA area. The March BarCamp 5 is being partially sponsored by Planet Chiropractic, and I’ll be attending the event both days. If I manage to get my post-it note up on the board early enough, I plan to be speaking on blended search and potentials there are for local businesses. […]

Little Steps and Going Local

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Note: I had to kill the JavaScript that was auto loading this video as it was driving me crazy. I figure everyone else coming to visit this page was probably equally being annoyed by the automatically playing audio. That stuff just drives me nuts and I didn’t wanna put anyone else through it. Funny how things happen, I shot video of this kid and posted an article about it yesterday at 9:15pm. Less than 24 hours later she is on the local evening news in Bakersfield, being interviewed about the video. Check out the NBC affiliate […]

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Look and Feel Great Postcard Marketing

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Back in December of 2007, I received a postcard from a chiropractic office in Northern California. I’d been meaning to do a post regarding what I thought was an effective postcard campaign, but I got sidetracked, until I saw the postcard again today. The office of Sacramento chiropractor, Dr. Jeri Anderson, sent my office a holiday postcard in mid-December. While it was sent in the spirit of holidays and giving, we should not overlook the potential business opportunities created when following this practice. I am not talking about sending out postcards or even holiday postcards, I’m […]

Google News rolls out local stories near you

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. The Google News blog yesterday announced that all news is local, with a post that explains a new feature which helps readers find local news by simply typing in a city name or zip code. I caught a screenshot on my Google News page before I began searching for content in local Los Angeles. This is just one of several new features Google News has recently added. Earlier this week, they rolled out election coverage (I didn’t save any screenshots) that was appearing on the homepage. It was spectacular and gives a taste of what’s to […]

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Collection of Chiropractic Love Stories

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. While preparing an article for this morning’s chiropractic news, I was reviewing about nine years of chiropractic content related to topics like Valentine’s Day, service inside the office, thoughts on the profession, and general topics of love and happiness. With Valentine’s Day 2008 approaching, I thought I’d put together a collection of those articles for your reading pleasure. Subluxations get on your nerves. A photo from our chiropractic office in February of 2007, with a little bit of Valentine spirit added. Rather than discuss each article, I’m just going to provide a list of those I […]

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Marketing after 30 Seconds of Superbowl Fame

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. What happens when millions of people view a hot girl in a television commercial during the Super Bowl? Many go online and start searching in hopes of finding out more information about her. But what if they don’t know her name? Research shows us people will connect generic terms with whatever brand the advertisement was associated with. Four years ago, a girl named Candace Michelle, appeared in a Super Bowl commercial spot that ran for the registrar Company GoDaddy. The commercial was controversial and resulted in Fox networks pulling the registrars 2nd scheduled advertisement of the […]

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Superbowl Kickoff & 2008 Super Bowl Guide

by Michael Dorausch If you’re looking for today’s Superbowl time, information about today’s Superbowl schedule, Super Bowl commercials (including Candace Michelle), or Super Bowl recipes, we’ve got it here in our Guide to 2008 NFL Football Super Bowl XLII. Check that article for nearly all the information you need related to today’s 2008 Super Bowl XLII game. This post is about our behavior as humans and how we are using search engines to locate information. Did you know that more people search Superbowl as opposed to Super Bowl. Do you see the difference? According to research I’ve done this weekend, […]

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