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What was once the home to one of the world’s oldest chiropractic directory websites,, has been acquired by the owners of Appearing in search archives as early as January of 1999, served as a massive listing database of chiropractors across the planet. It existed until around April of 2007, and had provided search results to those seeking chiropractors, with more than 55,000 local listings of doctors of chiropractic.

Creating Wellness Centre – Thank You

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s not often that I receive handwritten thank you letters from chiropractors in North America or Canada. One arrived in the mail earlier this week, and I wanted to say thank you in return.

The card comes from chiropractor Danny Desaulniers of A.D.I.O. Chiropractic in Okotoks (Alberta), Canada. I hope he doesn’t mind me repeating the message here. It reads…

Dr. Mike Dorausch,

Thank you for Ever since our first time meeting each other (C.A.C. convention in Niagara) I’ve enjoyed the articles & the audios that you have on your web site. Thank you for the dedication that you have to preserve the principles and purpose of chiropractic.

I love and appreciate you,

Danny Desaulniers

Thank you Danny, I love and appreciate you as well.

Allow me to share a story with you guys. As Danny mentioned, I first met him at a chiropractic conference taking place in Canada. It was early 2001, and I had flown from Los Angeles, to represent at an exhibit booth I rented at the CAC convention. I’ve found a news post (weekend with the CAC) that posted to planetchiropractic on May 7, 2001. Almost hard to believe that we’ve been posting news since before that time. I even found photos, that are still available online, that I took during the weekend event.

Danny was also working a booth at the event, representing Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a chiropractic student at the time, and I learned that he was part of a long list of incredibly active chiropractors from Canada. As is to be expected, he was fired up about the practice, principles, and philosophy of chiropractic. In fact, everybody I met that weekend at the White Oaks conference center, was fired up about chiropractic.

Thanks to Michelle Whitney (Canadian Chiropractor of the Year 2000) I was invited to the event. There’s something really special about getting to hang out with a group of like-minded individual for several days at a time. I remember Michelle laying into me for traveling with fluoride toothpaste, there would be no such thing in her home.

Dr. Danny is a good example of what happens to fired up chiropractic students when they graduate from chiropractic school. I can’t say that all of them turn out to be great chiropractors, but in his case, chiropractic is in his blood. The best part about receiving a card from him is the fact that I know there is someone in the Alberta area serving their community with the same passion and dedication that he had when representing the college he was attending in 2001.

Located south of Calgary, the city of Okotoks should be aware that they have a fantastic chiropractor practicing in their community. I’d love to hear that area residents have learned about his chiropractic office from reading this post. Looking for a chiropractor that’s passionate about what they do? Go visit Dr. Danny.

A.D.I.O. Chiropractic Centre
3-18 Southridge Drive
Okotoks, AB T1S 1N1, Canada
(403) 995-0855

2008 American Music Awards

The 2008 American Music Awards (AMA Awards) air live tonight on ABC television at 7 p.m. Eastern and 6 p.m. Central. A stellar lineup of musical performers are scheduled for the televised event, with an expected special appearance by Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. The AMA Music Awards are hosted again this year by comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Check your local ABC television listings for additional information.

Thanksgiving Recipes Side Dish Videos

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

7 videos of Thanksgiving side dish recipes to spark your taste buds for Thanksgiving 2008.

It’s that time of year, November 2008, and Thanksgiving is almost here. We already ordered our organic free range Turkey from Whole Foods in Venice Beach, California and I’ve been doing some searches for tasty Thanksgiving side dishes like cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie. I found myself watching a lot more videos versus just finding and downloading Thanksgiving side dish recipes. I figured why not post those videos here (at least I’d have them for Thanksgiving 2009) and maybe save you some time in your recipe searching.

Cranberry Chutney
I like the chefs accent in this video. Neat when he says “it’s a lot more better” with the different kinds of flavors. The video is about 5 1/2 minutes long and he gives a good presentation on cooking up cranberry chutney.

Cornbread Stuffing
This video features Martha Stewart making cornbread stuffing using the popular POM brand pomegranate juice. I’ve seen POM juice sold at Costco, and it should be available in markets near you. I love cornbread and I love pomegranates so this recipe video really appealed to me.

Dark Cornbread Stuffing
Here’s another video featuring Martha Stewart and a cornbread stuffing recipe that’s a combination of a New England grandmother, a Pennsylvania Dutch, and a Southern mother, all mixed together. The stuffing recipe includes Italian sausage, yummy.

Cranberry Sauce
This “Best Cranberry Sauce Recipe for the Holidays” features Katie Stiles from Before and After TV with her friend Antonio cooking up a very delicious looking cranberry sauce. Antonio goes through washing the cranberries, putting them into the pot, adding brown sugar, orange juice, and other ingredients. Check out the video, its tangy and makes your mouth water.

Candied Yams
In this brief video a chef from San Francisco covers the basics on cooking candied yams. He demonstrates the wrapping of the sweet potatoes in foil, reminds us to pierce them with a fork (watch those hands), and demonstrates putting them in a 425 degree oven for about one hour. Watching all these Thanksgiving recipe videos is sure making me hungry.

Lime and Chipotle Glazed Sweet Potatoes
The video above shows the kind of sweet potato side dish I’d expect to see made in Southern California or Texas. The zesty lime and chipotle glazed dish looks scrumptious. The video is about five minutes long and the chef goes through the process of adding lime, smoked jalapeno powder, salt, olive oil, and other ingredients. Looks like a very simple recipe, needing only a few ingredients, and it makes an awesome side dish.

Chocolate Cheesecake
I saved his video for last because I’ll probably go into a food coma just watching it. It’s not Pumpkin Cheesecake but the “How to Make Delicious Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe” is a must watch. The chef demonstrates the “whacking into submission” of graham crackers (watch those fingers) create the base. Chocolate and butter is also added for sheer decadence. According to the chef, “sooner or later everything gives way to chocolate”. From the group or videos, this definitely appears to be the most difficult to make. Fortunately for me, there is a Cheesecake Factory in Marina del Rey, which is walking distance from my house.

There are your 7 Thanksgiving side dish recipe videos. If you have a link to a Thanksgiving side dish or want to share a recipe video, post a link to the comments and I’ll approve it after weeding out any potential spam.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

2008 Philadelphia Marathon

An estimated 18000 runners are expected to participate in todays 2008 Philadelphia Marathon, which starts at 7am at 22nd & Benjamin Franklin Parkway in the city of Philadelphia, PA. The event is sold out and weather is looking perfect for the race. Current morning temps are expected to be in the low 40’s with around 50% humidity. Skies are expected to be mostly cloudy throughout race day. The Philadelphia Marathon is considered a Boston Qualifier, and it’s likely a number of qualifiers from Philly will head to the 2008 Boston Marathon.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Like most everyone else in America, chiropractors are gearing up for the short upcoming work week, and looking forward to a four-day 2008 Thanksgiving weekend. Earlier today, Dr. Michael Dorausch organized seven different Thanksgiving side dish videos, which motivated me to search out various thanksgiving recipes, and put together a list. From pumpkin cheesecake to cranberry relish, I decided to search blogs for recent Thanksgiving recipe related posts, and put together a list you could use throughout this upcoming Thanksgiving week.

The Micro Car and 2009 Fuel Economy

Drivers in the USA are undoubtedly noticing more mini and micro cars on the roads these days, as American consumers show their enthusiasm for greener and more fuel-efficient vehicles. While much media attention has been received for American muscle cars like this 2010 Red Candy GT Coupe Mustang, small economical driving machines have been capturing the interest of the press and public as well.

2010 Ford Mustang Red Candy GT Coupe

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Here is another car related post, and although I am a chiropractor (and yes this is a chiropractic blog) I’ve been a car enthusiast since I was old enough to put Hot Wheels in my mouth. I’m sure they’ve changed the paint they used back in those days.

Tuesday, had news regarding the world premiere of the 2010 Ford Mustang at the LA Auto Show. There was great anticipation to see the latest version of this classic muscle car, and I was pretty excited to put my hands behind the wheel (in the Mustang garage set up at the convention center), and snap some photos. Let’s take a look.

With the hood up, you can check out the 4.6 L 3 valve-per-cylinder V8 engine. As Ford says, this 2010 Mustang GT Coupe is the essential Mustang, with bold styling that remains true to its proud heritage. The signature exterior look is accented by Red Candy paint.

Baby Got Back. The 2010 features a muscular GT spoiler and premium 19 inch painted wheels with low profile tires. A dramatic glass roof (I didn’t take a full roof photo) provides unique look and gives both the driver and passengers and open sky feeling when cruising day or night.

Notice the dual stainless steel exhaust tips on the rear of the vehicle, making a bold statement and contributing to the signature sound of this eager pony. The sequential LED tail lamps are unmistakably Mustang.

With the driver side door open, you get a glimpse of the Fire Orange interior, which has Cashmere accents, and surrounds occupants with the comfort of natural grain leather trimmed seats. In the photo above, you can also see the rear 19 inch painted wheel with low-profile tire.

Fire Orange leather trimmed steering wheel (which includes convenient redundant controls), and five-speed manual transmission, and an optional Shaker 1000 audio system, which includes an AM/FM radio, and in-dash 6 disc CD changer with MP3 capability.

From this angle you can get a peek of the rear seats as well as the two leather trimmed front seats. The front driver’s seat has six way power control for maximum comfort and proper ergonomics (your chiropractor will like that).

The entire Ford Mustang display (Mustang Garage) at the Los Angeles Convention Center was wicked hot. Computers and flatscreen monitors everywhere, custom wheel in fabric options, and several smoking hot 2010 Ford Mustangs.

I also photographed a Smoke Gray 2010 convertible GT, a Kona Blue V6 convertible, a Red GT convertible, and a few photos showing the garage and optional packages. I will post the entire set to Flickr and will replace this with the link LA Auto Show 2008 Flickr Set.

COCSA Bridging The River To Success

Report of the Annual Meeting of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations – State chiropractic leaders gathered in San Antonio TX November 6-8, 2008 for the annual meeting of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations. Set to the theme “Bridging the River for Success,” over 137 delegates from 44 state chiropractic associations participated in round table discussions and workshops aimed at improving their operations and overall effectiveness in serving their members and advancing the chiropractic profession.

First Annual Parker Gala Benefits Chiropractic Research

Parker College of Chiropractic will host its first annual Parker Gala on Friday, Jan. 16, 2009 during the Las Vegas Parker Seminar from 7:30 to 11 pm in the Las Vegas Hilton Barron Ballroom. Proceeds will benefit chiropractic research and the advancement of the profession. All seminar attendees, industry professionals, former speakers, presenters, sponsors, and exhibitors are invited to attend this special evening to support the profession and network with leaders in chiropractic.