Split Metro Yellow Page Advertising

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I received another letter from a yellow pages marketing company last week. This one came from AT&T. The letter was part of a “last chance” offer for my LA chiropractic business to save as much as 50% on two yellow page books that get distributed in neighboring areas. The advertising I received was for print directories that were being distributed in the South Bay area of Southern California and an area called the Airport Area. I imagine the airport area is mostly in the city of Westchester and LAX airport region. The mailing included reasons why […]

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By Michael Dorausch, D.C. The Sacro Occipital Research Society International (SORSI) is holding an auction to raise funds for the chiropractic organization. The auction will be held online and is expected to run from September 23, 2007 at 8:00 a.m. – October 23, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. Some of the auction items include… Dualer IQ Inclinometer by JTECH Medical Dual Inclinometry for Spine and Extremity Range of Motion Donated by: JTECH Medical Value $995.00 City by the Bay, 4 Days/3 Nights at the Fairmont San Francisco World-renowned, The Fairmont San Francisco offers an awe-inspiring view of the city and the […]

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By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I received a phone call the other day from James Von Hipple, a chiropractor I attended CCCLA with in the 1990s. He was in the process of driving to the city of Temecula in Southern California, from up in the Bellingham area of Washington. Dr. Jim had recently sold his chiropractic office and I remembered he had an advertisement on the classified ad system. Several chiropractors have asked me about buying and selling chiropractic offices, but I don’t have that much information, as I’ve never been involved in the experience personally. I sent an e-mail to […]

Drug Fatalities Numbers Up Both Pushed and Prescribed

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Looks like numbers related to drug deaths on illegal narcotics are up, just as they are on reports of increased adverse effects and deaths from prescription and over the counter (OTC) meds. Daria from Planet Chiropractic took an interesting look in comparing news from today relating Britney Spears stories to Deadly Drug Stories. The comparisons are interesting and right in line with a suggestion made by a lead author in the report the article is based on. Just moments ago I noticed a Scotsman news article with headlines… Drug fatalities leap 37% with at least one […]

True Healing Consciousness Secret Exposed

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Here comes part 4 of a 6 part audio series featuring Dr. John DeMartini (chiropractor featured in the mega popular film “The Secret”) speaking to a live audience in Las Vegas, Nevada. The presentation was given at the Rio Hotel in January, 2001 and DeMartini spoke for a bit more than two hours. I was in attendance, recording the presentation to a digital Tascam DAT recorder, and posting news regarding the event live via my laptop, inside the conference room. There’s no need for you to be a chiropractor to enjoy this audio presentation. The following […]

SEO for 2008 Presidential Candidates

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. There were several news reports earlier this week with findings that some presidential candidate web sites are receiving more user traffic than others. It’s easy to assume that the most popular candidates are going to naturally have the most popular web sites, that’s not necessarily the case. After reading a few of the news articles I came to the conclusion that someone was possibly spinning a press story based on analytics data from a single source. In the case of the presidential candidate web sites, the data was provided by The Nielsen Company. Being a good […]

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Photos e-mailed from chiropractors that practice in Peru. They drove to the epicenter to provide people there with food, water, diapers, and chiropractic care. Cracks in the highway… Devastation in the streets of Peru… Chiropractic care for children… Chiropractic adjusting with an audience… Some of the world’s greatest chiropractors (because they serve)… Checking babies… Getting people something to eat… Related content: 2007 Peru Earthquake Chiropractic Commentary. Related content: Earthquake Peru Chiropractors on the Scene. Many blessings to those in Peru and to those chiropractors that serve for the sake of serving.

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Part three of the six part audio series featuring Dr. John DeMartini speaking at a Parker Chiropractic seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada. Part three gets deep into the topic… “Great geniuses dedicate their lives to integration. Integration between the parts of themselves and integration to the parts around them. They know that the world around them reflects the parts within them. So that means if you integrate all the parts inside you, you automatically draw the people around you. The people around you reflect the parts inside you. Anything you haven’t loved around you represents something […]

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. When we talk about kids going back to school in the fall of 2007, let’s not forget those heading back to spinal anatomy class, adjusting technique labs, and a mountain of useless hours of medically based differential diagnosis. We’ve covered a lot of content on Planet Chiropractic related to Chiropractic Schools and associated topics. There are a few different advice related articles, student loan payment and consolidation articles, and various student opportunities and programs. No chiropractic students education should be considered complete without some schooling from Sigafoose, sex education with Reggie Gold, or some mentoring from […]

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Here is part two of six from a Dr. John DeMartini presentation given at Parker chiropractic seminars, at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out part one for articles related to the conference, and the link for the first part of this six part audio presentation. Part two audio presentation is just under 30 minutes long and it’s encoded into MP3 format. Should play fine on any MP3 player, Apple iPod, an iPhone, or media device that supports the playing of MP3 files. This part of the audio presentation opens with DeMartini saying… “great […]