Month: September 2007

Pain Management Manipulation under Anesthesia

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I received a fax at my chiropractic office today with a headline that read Pain Management Manipulation under Anesthesia. There’s nothing unusual about the office receiving faxes, we get several a day. This one caught my attention than I thought it was pretty funny (you may think it’s pretty sad).

Some event is going on in Texas, regarding training for Manipulation under Anesthesia, also known as MUA. On the fax it states that “MUA is one of the most exciting chiropractic physical medicine procedures being performed today..” What in hojimeny is chiropractic physical medicine? Is this stuff being taught at colleges? I’ve heard of physical medicine, and I am familiar with the term chiropractic medicine, but I’d never heard the terms combined. I guess this is what you could call long tail use of words.

A sentence later in the fax says that MUA expands the primary role of the chiropractic physician in chronic pain management and physical medicine. I knew I’d be seeing that term somewhere. I’m wondering if what they really meant to say was a chiropractor can be making lots more money making believe they are a medical doctor, instead of practicing chiropractic.

Interesting that this is a 34 hour course, which is made up of 18 hours lecture, 12 hours clinical proctorship, and four hours of literature review. Wow, after one weekend you could be a certified manipulator. It’s a good thing the people having their bones jerked around are under anesthesia, be sure to show them your weekend course certificate when they come to, that should get some laughs. Research shows laughter is good for healing.

Let me ask you, if this was something that was really a benefit to patients, shouldn’t that be listed? The fax includes 10 reasons to incorporate MUA, and only one mentions anything about offering pain relief for patients. The rest of the advantages listed include: increased medical referrals, two hour a day practice, no overhead expenses, see only six patients per week, increase your income by four or five figures per week, obtain outpatient surgery center privileges and secure hospital privileges.

All of this great stuff is being provided by some Manual Medicine Academy and I don’t believe there’s any affiliation to any chiropractic group, organization, or college. Sounds like a lot of fun (kidding) but I’ll be busy that weekend in October.

Tushy Massage and Naked Yoga

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

While many are seeking alternative health care, many others still have their minds in the gutter.

I was doing some search engine keyword research today in preparation for an article regarding the popularity of terms related to chiropractic and words chiropractors are accustomed to using. While the article was focused on chiropractic centric terms, I decided to research some terms that would commonly come up in alternative fields of health care. The results say something interesting about what’s being searched on the Internet.

One of the non-chiropractic terms I searched was massage, which according to the reports I viewed, is a very popular search term. I was expecting to find related terms such as neuromuscular, therapeutic, and sports. Instead, among the most popular search terms were erotic massage, prostate massage, breast massage, Asian massage and tushy massage. I think in this case “tushy” means butt, although it could have a meaning I’m not aware of.

Those were the most popular terms and there were many more. While I’m not going to include the entire list, some of the cleaner popular searches were Tantric, sex, sexy, happy ending, boob, butt (not as popular as tushy), and hot girl.

Why do I even bring this up? I hear the term massage used several times a day. People are often asking me what I think about massage, should they get a massage, is massage beneficial, etc. I’ve recommended a number of well-respected therapeutic massage businesses in the Los Angeles area, and I even suggested some people go online and perform some searches. I may need to reassess that approach.

While respectable businesses featuring massage have been working hard to maintain a good reputation, I can’t say I’m too surprised with the results, although I didn’t expect to see the number of explicit results than I did.

I also checked up on the term Yoga which is popular, but not anywhere near as popular as the term massage. Among the top 10 most popular results were the terms nude yoga, naked yoga, yoga sex, and yoga porn. To be fair, also in popular results were yoga poses, yoga mats, yoga DVD, and yoga clothing. Seems clear that two specifically different audiences are performing yoga related searches.

Just in case there was some form of adult related searches showing up related to chiropractic, I looked again. The only thing one could consider pornographic (especially if you are a straight chiropractor) was the term chiropractic medicine.

1895 to 2007 Marks 112 Years of Chiropractic Vocabulary

According to historical reports, September 18, 1895 is the day Daniel David Palmer gave the first chiropractic adjustment, which took place in Davenport Iowa. It was not long after that day that Palmer needed a name for his developing science. The Reverend Samuel Henry Weed, born in Indiana in 1843, is credited with creating the word chiropractic, around the time of January 1896.

LWCC Gerald Clum and Council on Chiropractic Education

I’m the most senior member of the chiropractic college community in the educational circle. I’ve been President of Life West for 25 years, was on the faculty, the founding faculty of Life University, then Life Chiropractic College in 1975, and on the faculty of the Palmer College of Chiropractic before that. In addition to serving as President of Life West, I presently serve as the First Vice President of the World Federation of Chiropractic and, barring any unforeseen foolishness on my part, will assume the presidency of that later in the month.

Coming Home 2007 Extremity Adjusting

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I mentioned yesterday that I’d be going to the Cleveland Chiropractic College Campus on Saturday, October 6 for a continuing education program the school is offering. The event is presented by the alumni association of CCCLA, of which earlier this year I became a lifetime member. Michael Brown’s office faxed me some information related to the date so I thought I’d post it up here.

It includes Dr. Mark Charrette and the primary topic of the day is Extremity Adjusting. There is also going to be x-ray education with Dr. David Gendreau (one of my instructors when I attended Cleveland in the 90s). Event is on the campus grounds which are at 590 N. Vermont Ave in Los Angeles. Program starts at 8 a.m. and goes until 8:30 p.m. According to the fax I received, there is going to be 12 hours of relicensure, including four hours of technique and five hours of x-ray.

This chiropractic seminar is approved in California, and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you’re interested in going you can contact the school directly for registration information at 323-906-2197.

Some other details I received include parking in lot A, lunch is going to be from 1230 to 130, and adjusting is going to take place in the afternoon and into the evening. The entire program is approved in California (but has not been submitted to other states). The entire program is $99 for Cleveland Los Angeles graduates in $149 for all others. If you’re interested in taking the x-ray part only cost is $50. If you’re interested in attending the technique part only the cost is $50. If you are a Lifetime Member of the Cleveland Chiropractic College alumni Association your attendance is paid for (yippee!).

Check out the seminar pages for more details on chiropractic education in your part of the world.

Continuing Education Before Your Birthday

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I received a birthday card this week from Life Chiropractic College West, in Hayward California. It’s not my birthday yet, but the school was just sending out their sincere wishes for good health and happiness on my birthday. It’s also a chance for them to send me information about chiropractic continuing education programs going on in the California area, during the month of October.

I’ve done continuing education through a number of different chiropractic colleges over the past several years. I must say that I love Life West, although this year I’ll be doing the Cleveland Chiropractic College coming home event in early October. I’ll be up in the Bay and Oakland area towards the end of October, but it won’t be for chiropractic education. I am going up north to check out the Raiders versus Kansas City game the weekend that there is a SPA festival going on at the college campus. Maybe I’ll stop by on Saturday and get a few new photos, but it’s more likely I’ll be in San Francisco filling up my belly.

What I liked best about the birthday card was something I saw on the back page. It reads… Lasting Purpose: to give, to love, to serve. Someone had to decide to put that on the back of the birthday cards the school sends out. I like the message. Life West is keeping the D. E. spirit alive.

There are lots of life West sponsored continuing education programs going on regularly. With the card I received listings for events in Sacramento, South Lake Tahoe, El Segundo, Yuba city, Mill Valley, Pasadena, Berkeley, Hayward, San Diego, Oakland, and Arcadia. Chiropractors can check the planet chiropractic seminar pages for life West sponsored events and you can contact the life West continuing education program directly at 800-788-4476, extension 4508.

Split Metro Yellow Page Advertising

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I received another letter from a yellow pages marketing company last week. This one came from AT&T. The letter was part of a “last chance” offer for my LA chiropractic business to save as much as 50% on two yellow page books that get distributed in neighboring areas.

The advertising I received was for print directories that were being distributed in the South Bay area of Southern California and an area called the Airport Area. I imagine the airport area is mostly in the city of Westchester and LAX airport region. The mailing included reasons why I should advertise in one or both the directories. It was a typical Yellow Pages sales pitch.

The letter also included a pitch for advertising on in conjunction with advertising in the books. Earlier this year I decided to place a top advertisement in an online AT&T owned directory and intend to share all of the results the end of the year on planet chiropractic. The advertisement uses a phone number that can be tracked so we can measure the success of the program, or at least the call volume. So far my business has received one phone call, and that was from an ATT representative calling on our designated marketing line. At this point it’s looking like there’s much better things I could’ve been doing with nearly $300 a month on a single online advertisement. It’s too early to tell for sure, my office could receive a dozen phone calls in the last month of advertising.

I’m not saying businesses shouldn’t be advertising in online yellow page directories and printed books, but it’s a good idea that you track your advertising investments. In August, I wrote a detailed report on the top five yellow page companies online. There is no doubt they are getting some massive traffic. I’ve also had some blog posts related to various yellow page directory topics. There was the post on Yellow Pages and duplicate content, a post on Internet directory scams, a post about a Canadian Yellow Pages directory RSS feeds pulling content from planet chiropractic, and a second post on online directory scams.

I’ve lost count of how many print yellow page directories there are in the greater Los Angeles area, there’s definitely more than four. In the 90066 area there is a print version of Yellowbook, United Yellow Pages, AT&T’s Yellow Pages, and the Verizon Yellow Pages. There may even be others I’m not aware of. I’m not sure about other major metro areas like Chicago, Dallas and New York City, but I would expect there’s still a heavy amount of overlap from different providers of yellow pages advertising in larger US cities.

I’d expect those books to get thinner and go through a reinvention process over the next couple of years as small businesses increasingly move online. My chiropractic office pulled out of every local print Yellow Pages book this past year, and we haven’t renewed any listings for 2007-2008.

Five Fantastic Female Chiropractors

Mention chiropractors, and one is likely to draw up an image of a healthy, fortysomething year old male, who has built some impressive forearm muscles, as a result of years delivering hands-on care to his patients. But there is another chiropractor on the block, and she can deliver a solid side posture on a pro football linebacker like it’s no one’s business. Not only that, she lays her hands on the spine of a one-week old child, with a tender touch like that of the infant’s own mother. From the eastern shores of Halifax, Nova Scotia to the Western inlet of the San Francisco Bay, the demand for a caring and professional female doctor of chiropractic, is steadily on the rise in northern America.