Providing Links in the Press

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I came across a web site today with a blog post by an Internet marketing specialist that was recently interviewed for an article which appeared in the Guardian newspaper. Andy Beard, the guy that was interviewed, didn’t get a link to his web site in the online version of the newspaper article, of which he was a source of significant information. For anyone that knows the value of an inbound link to your web site (especially from a major news web site), you can probably imagine how this guy felt about the situation. It was funny […]

Buzz People Noticed Yoga Was Popular Too

by Michael Dorausch I just noticed today someone from Yahoo! found Yoga Topics were growing in popularity. I blogged about naked yoga last week after I did some keyword research and found a number of funky yoga and massage terms appearing in SERPs. That research was a result of extended searching I was doing related to 1895 chiropractic search terms. Tonight I was visiting a Yahoo! page and saw a buzz article on a similar topic (Yoga, not chiropractic). According to the article, yoga searchers are in the 35-44 age range and are primarily in the coastal states of New […]

Blue Balls on the Beach

by Michael Dorausch I just had to tell you about my blue balls (and a Big Red one too)! I’ve spoken, blogged, written, about running on the beach in Marina del Rey more times than I could find links for. We had the first big rain of the season over the weekend and it’s common that all kinds of cool stuff (and trash) washes up on the beach after such storms. My dad can be to blame for my oddness of finding stuff, as he turned me on to the concept as a kid. He often reminded me that valuables […]

September Birthday Board Ideas

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I’m categorizing this post in the marketing section even though it could go in a “nice things to do” section. I had an experience earlier this week after creating a birthday card for someone who’s been influential in my life, which reminded me of a number of things related to birthdays and good customer relations. I love birthdays. After several years in chiropractic practice, I’ve also learned that others love birthdays as well. In a fairly recent post, I mentioned that I received a birthday card from Life Chiropractic College West, with a reminder that it […]

Spotting Fraud on Nervo-Scope Ads

by Michael Dorausch Here is a quick post of a type of email to watch out for when placing chiropractic classified ads on the main website. While pages are getting thousands of views each week and there is lots of user activity, everyone is advised to be aware of fraudulent attempts to purchase products. No need for headaches. Ad Headline: Nervo-Scope Posted To: Chiropractic Classifieds am interested in immediate purchase of your item. After several consideration over the advert placed on the website my client has really shown interest in it and would really want to issue the payment in […]

The SEO Reputation Solution

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Sometimes you’ve just got to evangelize for others, and get the message out for all those people who may be thinking negatively about an industry. SEOs, bear with me. If you’re a small-business owner, chances are you already know people calling themselves SEOs (short for Search Engine Optimizers) and SEMs (Search Engine Marketers). They cold call you while you’re having lunch, with guarantees of page one results on Google and other search engines, they fax you daily with promises of untold business riches when incorporating their $49 a month secret search engine strategies, they fill your […]

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Pain Management Manipulation under Anesthesia

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I received a fax at my chiropractic office today with a headline that read Pain Management Manipulation under Anesthesia. There’s nothing unusual about the office receiving faxes, we get several a day. This one caught my attention than I thought it was pretty funny (you may think it’s pretty sad). Some event is going on in Texas, regarding training for Manipulation under Anesthesia, also known as MUA. On the fax it states that “MUA is one of the most exciting chiropractic physical medicine procedures being performed today..” What in hojimeny is chiropractic physical medicine? Is this […]

Tushy Massage and Naked Yoga

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. While many are seeking alternative health care, many others still have their minds in the gutter. I was doing some search engine keyword research today in preparation for an article regarding the popularity of terms related to chiropractic and words chiropractors are accustomed to using. While the article was focused on chiropractic centric terms, I decided to research some terms that would commonly come up in alternative fields of health care. The results say something interesting about what’s being searched on the Internet. One of the non-chiropractic terms I searched was massage, which according to the […]

Coming Home 2007 Extremity Adjusting

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I mentioned yesterday that I’d be going to the Cleveland Chiropractic College Campus on Saturday, October 6 for a continuing education program the school is offering. The event is presented by the alumni association of CCCLA, of which earlier this year I became a lifetime member. Michael Brown’s office faxed me some information related to the date so I thought I’d post it up here. It includes Dr. Mark Charrette and the primary topic of the day is Extremity Adjusting. There is also going to be x-ray education with Dr. David Gendreau (one of my instructors […]

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Continuing Education Before Your Birthday

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I received a birthday card this week from Life Chiropractic College West, in Hayward California. It’s not my birthday yet, but the school was just sending out their sincere wishes for good health and happiness on my birthday. It’s also a chance for them to send me information about chiropractic continuing education programs going on in the California area, during the month of October. I’ve done continuing education through a number of different chiropractic colleges over the past several years. I must say that I love Life West, although this year I’ll be doing the Cleveland […]