Include details to increase ad views

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. It’s all in the details. When posting to chiropractic classifieds, some people write some terrific and descriptive advertisements. Others only post a few general sentences. Over the years I have noticed a significant difference in ad performance (measured by page views) when comparing detailed ads to plain Jane vanilla style ads. Let’s take a look at some practice for sale ads and see if we can include more detail… Chiropractic Office in Seaside California Interested in surfing or golfing on your lunch? Clinic for sale 1 mile to Monterey Beach and 10 min. to Pebble Beach […]

Planet Chiropractic at WordCamp 2007 San Francisco

I’m heading to WordCamp 2007 in San Francisco! I know what you are thinking, what in the heck is WordCamp and if it’s a place you go to learn how to spell, or learn how to put together words without creating compound sentences, it’s about time you’re going. Sorry but that’s not it. WordCamp is for a group of techie people that are all using a blogging software known as WordPress. WordPress is the engine behind this blog section of Planet Chiropractic and that’s primarily why I am going. I’ve been writing increasingly about open-source software and how we’ve been […]

Chiropractic Television

An interesting pattern has been emerging on the major television networks in the USA. According to a news report on Planet Chiropractic, Monday night featured 3 prime time TV shows that involved actors playing roles as chiropractors. The shows (in order they appeared for broadcast) are Everybody Hates Chris, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and Two and a Half Men. All 3 shows are filmed in Los Angeles, CA. Everybody Hates Chris is filmed on the Paramount Studios lot @ 5555 Melrose Ave in Hollywood. The other two, The New Adventures of Old Christine and Two and a Half […]

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200 Associate Ads in Classifieds

Regarding chiropractic classifieds, received an e-mail today from student at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport Iowa… Thank you for your website, it is appreciated. (Palmer students are so polite) If you have time here is a suggestion. The associate ads are difficult to look through. It would be nice if they were broken up in groups of technique. If when they placed an ad you had them chose for example Gonstead, Grostic, NUCCA, Activator, Multidisciplinary, or mutli technique. That was a great suggestion so I logged into the classifieds administration area to check up on fields that are used when […]

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Enrolled in a Chiropractic Program

This comes from a student about to enter chiropractic college… I am currently enrolled in a chiropractic program at the University of Bridgeport, which I will be starting in August. Now as that day is approaching, I am becoming more and more nervous and am hoping that I am making the right decision. I am surprised at how many people have negative things to say to me about being a chiropractor, all of which have never seen a chiropractor. So if you have any inspiring words about that, I would much appreciate it. I am also concerned about salary. Do […]

Any Chiropractic School Representatives

Are there any chiropractic school representatives that want to answer questions potential students have? I’m a physical therapist from Germany, and I’m interested in joining the Doctor of Chiropractic program. I couldn’t find out how much this program would cost and how many years it actually takes to become a Chiropractor. I’m not sure if you are the right person to ask this question. Could you help me out?  We receive emails daily from people asking questions (like above) about going to chiropractic school. Some may figure we have all these sorts of answers but we don’t. Today I received […]

Lost chiropractor website post

Must have been the tequila, found the post I started and thought was deleted. Getting good feedback on the website idea (thanks) and slowly moving forward (at least moving). Going to load a template version of the website to a subdomain so you can login and play with the settings. Read post link below for complete story… It’s either the 15 new patients I saw in my office this week, the 14 new patients I saw in my office last week, the gargantuan amount of love and support I’ve received from family, friends, chiropractors, patients, or the Tequila I’m enjoying […]

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Patient Education

By Sharon Gorman, D.C. As many of you know last month I moved into a much larger office. I loved my old office but it just wasn’t big enough. I included a separate room for patient education in this office. I never had a room designated for this purpose in any of my previous offices. The room is set up like a classroom and has about 15 chairs in it. In the front of the room I have a white board, a spine and a TV/DVD combo. I use the room to show the patients the videos that I show […]

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Chiropractic Office Design Fundamentals

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Sometimes the most basic things are overlooked when we are developing any kind of business space. I’ve taken photographs in various chiropractic offices for about the past 15 years, and there are significant differences as well a similarities, when it comes to chiropractic office design. This week Planet Chiropractic is working on some of the fundamentals to be discussed with each chiropractic office presentation. For example, with each chiropractic office we do a piece on, we’d like to include data such as square footage, whether the structure is freestanding or part of an office building, leased […]

First Chiropractic Adjustment Video

Some chiropractic humor for the Fourth of July holiday week! This chiropractic comedy video was filmed in January of 2001 at a hotel in Eatontown, New Jersey. The video features a group of chiropractors and their spouses acting out a skit of the first chiropractic adjustment. This was a long, long time ago, before Harvey Lillard and DD Palmers adjustment in 1895. If you don’t have a sense of humor it’s a good idea for you to just move along and not watch the video. For those of you OK to have some fun, check out the video, which includes […]