Top 20 ranking in search engines under 500 bucks

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Internet scam report I received another one of those “statements” a few weeks ago with a promotion that I could get my web site ranked in the top 20 results for only $499.99! These statements show up at my chiropractic office at least every month and I’m sure all sorts of businesses receive similar looking mailings that at first look like an invoice. This latest one came from Montréal Canada and it had the word “statement” across the top. There was a registration number and my business listing information was listed as “SAME” (as if I’d […]

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The news is in on the Tour de France with Alberto Contador, the 24 year-old cyclist for American Discovery Channel, claiming victory. Contador beat his closest competitor by only 23 seconds, the second narrowest time recorded in the tour’s history. You can read Planet Chiropractic coverage related to the tour here: 2007 Tour de France Chiropractic Can you believe that today marks 20 years of shark week on the Discovery Channel? We don’t have any shark related chiropractic news but it’s become traditional to see shark related stories in the news around the same time the Tour de France completes, […]

Innate License Plate

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. I captured this photo while in Cave Creek, Arizona when I was visiting a Phoenix chiropractor. I didn’t catch what it said it first but then I took a second look. God in Me was the name on the plate and it reminded me of so many talks I have heard over the years about innate intelligence and the power that made the body heals the body.  I even liked the New York Yankees frame. The plate was on a pearl white Cadillac Escalade which was nice as well. As far as I know, the New […]

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Become a Chiropractor

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. Last week I noticed an advertisement online for a chiropractic school located in the state of California. The ad suggested that the school was an accredited college that offered a balanced approach to techniques and philosophy. Some thoughts… As far as I know, all of the 18 chiropractic schools in the United States have accreditation with the Chiropractic Council on Education (CCE). With that in mind, when an individual at a chiropractic school wants you to select their school because they are accredited, you may want to ask if they can tell you which schools are […]

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Summerville Chiropractic

by Michael Dorausch This time of year it sure would be sweet having a chiropractic office in a place like Summerville or something smiley like that. I was poking around online and there it was, a Summerville in South Carolina, I did not even know such a place existed. Apparently this place has been a round for sometime. My apologies to those living in Summerville, looks beautiful. For those of you as geographically challenged as me, check out an online map for more information on the town. I did a google map search and it looks like North Charleston is […]

9 new chiropractic patients keeps me excited

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. If you’d been paying any attention to this blog during the past few days you may have noticed that I was in San Francisco for an Internet get together (I don’t dare call it conference) known as WordCamp. I left my chiropractic office in Los Angeles on Friday night at 7 p.m. and we had just completed a spectacular week. Thanks to my extraordinary staff and worlds greatest patients, I was able to go straight from the office to LAX airport and get on an 8:15 p.m. flight for San Francisco. I love that feeling I […]

San Francisco Power Outage Darkens Colo Facility

A power outage today in San Francisco has knocked out a number of highly popular websites, including, livejournal, typepad, Technorati, and others. That’s one major subluxation! Fortunately, Planet Chiropractic data servers are up! Upon noticing a spike in web searches for terms such as craigslist sandiego, livejournal down, craigslist raleigh, netflix down I did some searching of my own. I checked out and the site was running smoothly. I was just in SF this past weekend at WordCamp and there was discussion about servers and server loads, but not power outages. Surprising to see such large web properties […]

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Just Thinking About Relationships

By Sharon Gorman, D.C. I was just thinking about relationships, specifically the relationship that you have with your spouse or significant other. Both people need to get what they need out of the relationship or they probably won’t stay in it. Wouldn’t make much sense to stay in a relationship that you aren’t winning at. I know that one of the most important things to my husband is that he feels like he is pleasing me. He wants and needs my approval as much as I need his. In all the arrangements that we make we try to set it […]

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395 reasons for chiropractic care

It’s Sunday afternoon at WordCamp 2007 in San Francisco and I’ve been at my laptop an estimated combined 18 hours since booting up early Saturday morning. There are over 395 pressers (people using wordpress) in attendance and looking around the room it is rare to see someone not using their laptop. I have not gotten a consensus as to how many here are receiving chiropractic care and I did not bring my portable xray unit or even my xray goggles to check cervical curves but looking around the room I can see alot of forward head carriage. This is something […]

SF Bay Chiropractors Advertising Online

Chiropractors in the San Francisco Bay area are using various methods to advertise their chiropractic services online. I’m here in San Francisco for a WordCamp conference. While I’ve been here I’ve been visiting numerous websites and have noticed a number of chiropractic offices advertising on them. I’ve seen offices as far as New York and Texas appearing in ads (they may want to revisit their internet advertising approach) and I’ve checked out a few websites for chiropractors in San Jose, Redwood City and the San Francisco area. While at this conference we were discussing some do’s and don’ts of website […]