Adjusting Kids

By Sharon Gorman, D.C. Monday Morning Message… Adjusting Kids Kids are so much fun to adjust – most of the time. They look forward to seeing you. The look forward to the unconditional love that we give them. They love the stickers and treats we give them. They love that feeling that they feel in the office they might not feel anywhere else. In my office they are special. Well to come to think of it everyone is special yet they feel the unspoken word even more. They feel how honored that we are that they allow us to adjust […]

San Diego Chiropractor Website

Some tips on what NOT to do to get your chiropractic website recognized. Last week I was browsing some chiropractic websites (something I do frequently) and I came across a site I had not seen before. It was odd because I had just navigated away from one of my websites and I thought for a moment I was on some subpage inside of my site that I had forgotten about creating. The reason I thought that was because there was a photo of me (and a patient) at the top of the websites homepage. Now, it’s flattering that someone wants […]

Here’s a piece of chiropractic history for your audio listening pleasure. The 16 minute MP3 file features Dr. Sid E. Williams, founder of Life Chiropractic College in Marietta Georgia, giving a dedication speech in Northern California. On Friday, July 28, 2000, Dr. Sid Williams gave a dedication speech for the opening of the West Coast campus of Life Chiropractic College. It was a hot and sunny day in Hayward California and there was a large crowd of chiropractors, students, faculty members, and chiropractic supporters attending the event. Nearly 7 years later, Life Chiropractic College West, is considered by many as […]

The audio presentation here features Dr. Bob Sottile and a new patient orientation chiropractic talk that was recorded ~ 1990. Dr. Bob Sottile was a chiropractor practicing in the state of New Jersey, from the 1970s to the 1990s. He was incredibly active in the chiropractic community, and was particularly influential in the development and increased awareness of chiropractic care in the state of New Jersey. Additionally, he was a warrior for chiropractic in the area of philosophy and politics. Along with several of his colleagues from New Jersey, as well as chiropractors in other states, he successfully petitioned, and […]

Ian Grassam Chiropractic Audio 1997

I have a great chiropractic mp3 for you to listen to. I had just finished installing a new plug-in that allowed us to incorporate audio and video podcast’s into these posts. I was searching around for some content that I may not have posted to planet chiropractic¬†in the past and I found a most fitting talk given by Ian Grassam in 1997 that was recorded in Orange County, California at an ICA convention. I was a chiropractic student the year Dr. Grassam gave this talk. He delivered an inspirational message that became one of the motivating factors behind moving forward […]