Afraid To Be Bored

By Sharon Gorman, D.C. Monday Morning Message… Are You Afraid To Be Bored? Have you given yourself a chance to be a little bored lately. We just had our first snow storm in my area this year. Had a chance to be snowed in a little. Kind of like to be snowed in once or twice a year. Get a lot of stuff done around the house. I get that caught up feeling. It is a good feeling but it doesn’t take long before I start looking for something else to do. The kids get bored even quicker and they […]

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Chiropractic Internet Directory Scams

A chiropractor e-mailed me today with the following… Some company (The National Internet Directory or something like that) has called me a few times stating that I’ve updated/upgraded my webpage/internet site and that I now owe $150/year. Are they legitimate? My chiropractic office was contacted by several different companies last year regarding Internet directories for chiropractors and “Yellow Pages” type directories. It is a common tactic for some of these companies to develop pages without the chiropractor’s knowledge or consent. They will typically design a single simple page that is based on a template which includes the doctors office address, […]

Having no symptoms is not healthy at all

By Sharon Gorman, D.C. Monday Morning Message… Adaptability When I was doing my orientation last night I asked the people a question I asked them a million times. How do you know if you are healthy? Well you know all the typical answers. The silliest and most common is that I know that I am healthy if I feel good. All those people that have dropped dead “never sick a day in their lives” blow that theory out the window. Well what is it then? Being healthy is being able to adapt. Healthy people can adapt to pollen. Less healthy […]

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I have been reviewing chiropractic classifieds on the planet chiropractic web site since the 1990s. The classified section is a popular feature on planet chiropractic and it is used by thousands in the chiropractic profession. While many may visit, not all ads get viewed equally. This post is about ways to improve your listings so that more people can potentially view what it is you’re trying to promote and or sell in the classified section. I am just going to address one section of the classifieds, chiropractic practices for sale in the US, since that tends to be one of […]

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Still Have a Burning Desire

By Sharon Gorman, D.C. Monday Morning Message… Still Have a Burning Desire! About 20 years ago I was on my way back from a DE meeting in Atlanta. I was so excited so I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote A BURNING DESIRE. I am sharing it with you today. I actually pulled it off of Planet Chiropractic where it was posted several years ago. This past weekend I spoke to the Saturday Night Live group in Fort Lauderdale. My intention was to update A BURNING DESIRE but after reading it I didn’t think that it […]

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My stats for January

By Sharon Gorman, D.C. Monday Morning Message… I just figured out my stats for January. I had my best January since I’ve been in practice. I had my fourth highest month ever. The reason I mention this is not only to brag but I tell you in hope that my success will motive your success. January is generally not one of my best months, at least I used to think. I guess it is easier to believe otherwise now that I have evidence that it doesn’t have to be one of my worst months of the year. My point is […]

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