Month: August 2006

Children, Chiropractic, and Backpacks

It’s that time of year again, kids are heading back to school or getting ready to head back to school within the next week or two. They will be loading up with books, mobile phones, iPods and whatever else kids carry nowadays in those bags that often times appear that if you added one more item the kid carrying it would fall right over. I was browsing some news headlines from around the world and came across two recent articles related to kids carrying backpacks.

Breast Cancer Prevention vs. War

Breast cancer is a raging and deadly epidemic killing ever-greater numbers of women in the United States and other industrialized countries every year. Breast cancer tops the list of cancer deaths among women in this country, annually claiming the lives of more than 40,000 women. The incidence of cancer overall has climbed to such epidemic proportions during recent decades that a man living in the United States now has a fifty-fifty chance he will have cancer during his lifetime. For a woman, the chance is 1 in 3. Within a single generation we have seen an increase in cancer of approximately 56 percent for men and 22 percent for women!

Pennsylvania chiropractor asks – are you coachable?

A couple of months ago my husband showed up to lunch one day with a surprise gift. He bought me a motor scooter. My husband has had a motorcycle for years and I was one of the few wives that I know who actually enjoyed riding on the back. All of that changed a few months ago. The bike is as big as a motorcycle and requires a motorcycle license to operate so last month I went and took a test and got my permit. Then I signed up for the 15 hour course offered by the state and at the completion of the course I took the test and got my license. I want to share with you a valuable lesson that I learned in the course.

Seeing the Good in the Hearts of People

A recent experience that I had while Donna and I were on a trip to Palmer College in Iowa is worth repeating for the life lesson that it brought to me. On our way through the San Francisco Airport, I noticed a woman being escorted by an airline attendant. As we walked to her side, I noticed how the sun glasses she was wearing seemed out of place on this gray, overcast day. Then I saw her white cane sticking out of her carry-on bag. She talked with the attendant as she took her seat in the front of the bus which transports passengers between terminals.

Tour de France with Broken Back – O’Grady credits Chiropractic

Professional cyclist, Stuart O’Grady had some nice things to say about the chiropractic care he received during the 2006 Tour de France. Nowadays, it’s rare for a top professional athlete not to be receiving chiropractic on a regular basis. A big thanks to all those doctors out there that are working hard and helping to keep the world’s top athletes in peak performance shape.

How important is it that we tell people about Chiropractic?

How important is it that we tell people about Chiropractic? How much urgency do you have about sharing it with others? Most of us have seen the benefit to us in more than just the removal of symptoms. To most of us Chiropractic has become a way of life. The principles have become a set of principles that we have grown to live with and we allow to guide our lives. When we have a symptom we don’t look outside of ourselves for an answer, we look for the cause. We have a certain respect for our bodies and for the intelligence that resides in it. We are pro-active in assuring our good health by including regular adjustments as a way to make sure that our nervous symptom is working the best that it can.

Having Babies – Home Births with Midwives

I was recently invited to join a committee formed to improve medical services out here in the backcountry. Really important people were at the meeting, people from hospitals and clinics, people with power, rank and influence. And there I was, the symbolic “alternative one,” the non-medical doctor probably added for comic relief.

Top Chiropractors in the United States

A few weeks ago I began compiling a list of the top 100 chiropractors in the world. My intention when creating the list was to find out which doctors of chiropractic had been the most influential to doctors in practice today. In other words, who were (or are) the biggest movers and shakers in the chiropractic profession. The names that came back were mostly what I expected. Chiropractic leaders such as BJ Palmer, DD Palmer, Reggie Gold, Sid Williams, James Sigafoose, Sylvia Ashworth, Carl Cleveland, Ian Grassam, Tom Gelardi, Joe Flesia and Guy Riekeman have been suggested several times and the list continues to grow. It appears now though that we will be creating more than one list as a result of an experience I had this past weekend.

Ultrasound During Pregnancy

Look Daddy, the baby is smiling and waving at you on TV! the pregnant woman said joyously to her husband. The expectant couple has just forked over about three hundred clams to the clerk in the ultrasound boutique at the mall. Now they’re watching their unborn baby on a large television screen as it flails tiny arms and legs while twisting its little head back and forth.

How’s Your Flow? (Monday Morning Message)

Catchy title, especially for you fellow ladies, but that is not what I meant. I’m talking about your office. This is usually our busiest time of the year and true to form we have been starting a ton of new patients. The only problem is that our overall numbers haven’t been growing. I had to stop and take a look and actually consult myself for a minute. What would I tell me if I was not me but looking at my stats.