Month: July 2006

Chiropractic 101: An Aspiring Chiropractor

My name is Melissa, and this fall I will be a junior at the University of Southern California. I am writing you this email because I am interested in being a chiropractor. I have done some research online and while looking around, I found your website (ADIOLA). Seeing your ambition, personality, dedication, and love of your career and life is very inspiring. I was wondering, since I am still trying to figure things out about this career, if you would be willing to give me some advice and your general opinion about this field of work. What was it that got you interested in being a chiropractor? What kind of schooling did you have to go though? What would you say are the pros and cons of your career? I do have many more questions, but if there is any other information that you would be willing to share, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Too Fat for Chiropractic?

lumbar x-ray chiropracticHave you ever had someone so big (as in heavy) in your chiropractic office that you just could not fit them in front of the x-ray Bucky? You get out your calipers and the end falls off when trying to make the measurement. You glance at your patient’s belly, then at your bucky, and finally at your x-ray tube. You begin wondering when was the last time it was serviced. Will it hold out? Now I’m not trying to make fun of people, this is a serious issue. And either way, I know if you are taking x-ray you’ve been in this situation before.

Flu Vaccine for Pregnant Moms

How is it possible that the wealthiest nation on the planet has an infant mortality rate higher than just about every other industrialized country? Help is finally on the way for solving this dilemma, or so I thought when I first noticed the headlines announcing new recommendations for pregnant moms from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

20th Anniversary of my Licensure as a Chiropractor

My life has been overflowing with nostalgia lately. I guess it all started in March; right around the time Hillary (my wife) tried out and made it into the cast of a local production of “Hair”. By the time the show actually went into performances, I could’ve understudied any role in it, and the songs brot me directly back to that wild and crazy time of so much hope and freedom and war and frustration. Those songs are finally beginning to leave my head, where they’ve been floating around constantly for 5 months.

Tiger Woods Wins British Open: A Chiropractic Story

The news began appearing on Sunday, Tiger Woods had again won the British Open. Hours later, news agencies began reporting on American cyclist Floyd Landis and his winning of the Tour de France. Tiger Woods is the second golfer to win back-to-back British open championships (Tom Watson won in 1982 and 1983). I’ve noticed almost 2000 articles on the internet since Sunday, many of them talking about the intensity and endurance required for these great champions to be successful. These are not just regular athletes. Some articles suggested that the Floyd Landis win represents one of the biggest athletic comebacks seen in decades. Tiger Woods win of the British Open was his 11th major championship win. Many articles referred to Tiger as “the greatest golfer ever.”

Floyd Landis Tour de France Win #8 for Chiropractor

Cyclist Floyd LandisThe news is in, American cyclist, Floyd Landis has won this year’s (2006) Tour de France. News from all over the world is saying this is one of the biggest sports achievements in decades. The news of the Tour de France win for Landis came in just hours after it was reported that another well-known American, Tiger Woods, had just one his second British Open. The Landis win alone is enough to get any diehard sports enthusiast excited because the story behind his win is rather incredible. This year’s Tour de France was a thrilling adventure and Landis beat some pretty heavy odds to win this race.

1.5 Million Americans Harmed Each Year by Medication Mistakes

PillsA report out this week from the US Institute of Medicine (IOM) estimates that 1.5 million Americans are being injured each year as a result of prescribing mistakes related to medications. The errors are costing more than $3.5 billion each year. The report also suggests that 7000 people continue to die each year as a result of wrongly prescribed or errors related to medications.