I received an e-mail this week from a person in Michigan who is requesting an information packet sent to them about chiropractic school and also wants to know when the next semester begins. There are currently 18 different chiropractic schools in the United States and all have different start times for semesters. Some of the schools go by a trimester system, and the others follow a semester system. Planet Chiropractic does not send out (via mail or e-mail) information packets regarding chiropractic schools in the United States. That information can be acquired from the schools themselves. Click the following link […]

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This section will be dedicated to topics that involve the discussion of chiropractic schools, primarily in the United States. Several students from around the globe have offered to provide information related to their schools. I appreciate their input so that we can get information about chiropractic school in in places such as South Africa, New Zealand, the UK, Mexico, Japan, and Canada. I get e-mails at planetchiropractic.com on a daily basis from people asking questions related to chiropractic schools. Many want to know what the entrance requirements are, which schools are best, which schools are most affordable, which schools have […]

Chiropractic Salaries added to this Blog

I have been receiving several emails per day regarding chiropractic salaries, jobs, practice methods, school requirements, and all sorts of related (and unrelated) stuff. After a few months of e-mailing back and forth with people I’ve decided to create at least two sections in this blog area that will be dedicated to posing questions, answering questions, and hosting discussions related to the subject of chiropractic salaries and chiropractic schooling. In some ways the two categories will be related but in many ways they are not. Someone in active practice really doesn’t care about school since they’ve already graduated, taken national […]