OK, so things have been slow. Not for me, but on these pages. Things are coming online soon, I promise. Some cool features here involve the use of RSS. You can use Internet Explorer 7.0 and click on any of the RSS links or click “subscribe” at the top of this page (on your browser bar) and can then add content from the chiropractic blog pages to your active bookmarks. More on RSS and how it is being used at Planet Chiropractic coming up. Update: You can subscribe to the Planet Chiropractic XML Chiropractic News RSS feed here.

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What we will be doing here

The original thought behind creating blog pages for Planet Chiropractic was to develop a place where we could discuss topics that did not belong on our chiropractic news pages. As the blog section develops we’ll be getting into more topics here. The first two section we’ll be focused on involve chiropractic schools and chiropractor salaries. At Planet Chiropractic, we get more emails daily on those topics than any other (except the topic of new patients emailing and/or calling looking for chiropractors in their area). Salaries along could go into a wide range of discussions but most of what will get […]

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