Month: January 2006

Idea of Farting and Soiled Pants Bothers Los Angeles Chiropractor

A panel of scientists and doctors this week recommended that the Food and Drug Administration approve over-the-counter sales of a weight-loss pill known as orlistat, marketed in prescription form as Xenical. Americans would love a non-prescription fat absorbing pill, and this one could be available over the counter in a matter of months.

Kids Eating In Good Spirit!

For years we as a society have heard about the “war” on drugs, but how about the “war” on negative marketing to our children? Recently, the news has been filled with articles about childhood obesity and the negative health effects on our nations youth. We are told that 25% of school age kids are overweight, 15% are obese and 50% of obese kids become obese adults.

New York Chiropractic Council Donates $5,000 to Chiropractors of Louisiana and Mississippi

The images of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were plastered all over the media 5 months ago. The clean up continues and the telethons are over, and now reality is settling in. The economic climate in these areas is poor. This is affecting the entire community, which includes Chiropractors.